Victoria BC uni trials.. anyone out there?

Yo, there’s a couple of us, but how many uni-trials and MUni bros are there here in Victoria, BC, canada? Contact me anyone who wants to go riding.


yo i uni-trial. getting a uni on june 14. nimbus 20" trials uni.
i am only getting it cause i also do trials on a bike.

He was asking if you’re from Victoria.


ive been looking for someone new to ride with , i live in shawnigan lake!!! little far out of vic like 20 mins but were planing on riding at Uvic on sunday, u wanna come?


It says his location is Victoria.

do u live in vic?

I live in Victoria, but I am still working on some basics (like idling and hopping). One day, I would like to be doing trials, but I’ve got to walk before I can run.

There is a LUC member, (not me, unfortunately) who will be heading to victoria for the summer, living on Yates st.

He is into MUni and would be interested in hooking up with some riders.

Email Brian at bclinch at, I’m not sure of his travel dates.

I’ll be out in Victoria again this summer (July & August) and will be doing some Muni at the Hartland MB park - my son’s learned to ride so he’ll be there, too. Not into trials, myself, but there’s some excellent riding at Hartland if you want to hit the trails.