Victoria, BC - Anyone up for a ride?

Hey everyone,

I’m planning a trip to Victoria, BC sometime in the first or second week of May. Does anyone from Victoria want to go for a ride? Alternatively, does anyone know how I could get a hold of any clubs or groups in the area?

My brother goes to UVic, but he’s on a co-op term right now, but will be back right at the beginning of May! (perfect timing:D)

I’ll tell him about you, but he doesn’t ride much anymore, so don’t expect much:(

Alright, that would be cool! If he’s interested, send me a PM, and we’ll work something out.

Is there anybody else out there?


Im not sure, but I think there might be some sort of ferry system for me to get to Victoria. I will look into it. If its possible I think it would be cool to do that.
Again, dont expect too much, Im poor and Im not positive about the ferry, so it might not work out. I would really like to try though, so If you will be there for sure, I will do my best to get there.

Check out:

The e-mail list there has a few people that are over in Victoria now and then.

Ah, thanks for the link. I’ll go check it out.

To SpaceFmk: It would be great if you could make it, but if it’s too much of an expense or a hassle, don’t worry too much about it. I’ll definitely be there, but I’m still not sure exactly when. Some time in the first or second week of May.

first or second weekend, huh. I should be out there after 17 may, would certainly be down for any kind of ride.