Vibram fivefingers

I’m addicted to wearing vibram fivefingers for all purposes. The problem with unicycling in them while practising is that your pretty pink boney ankles are prone to being hobbled by the faintest of knocks - and that puts you off a bit.

Combine the vibrams with a pair of ankle protectors and life is sweet.

I fail to comprehend using Vibrams for anything other than running… and don’t get me wrong, I’m a genuine minimalist footwear guy (I run 50 mi/wk in huaraches & merrell trail gloves for Cross Country). I’d be afraid of breaking a toe during a upd! Since I haven’t tried it, I can’t judge too much, but I don’t see V5Fs and pedals going well together.

I’ve used Five Fingers a bit for unicycling, and don’t really like them. My toes feel vulnerable and on steep climbs, it doesn’t feel good. Much as I like Five Fingers, I don’t use them for unicycling any more.


…but you won’t pick up any chicks while wearing 'em! :smiley:

I wear mine on the river and for sailing, and they’re great in the water.

I think that photo above looks even sillier than fivefingers by themselves, and I wouldn’t want to ride in them given the lack of support and toe protection, but to each their own.

I love my five fingers for running and walking but I wouldn’t ride my unicycle in them, even with ankle protectors. Maybe for distance but never for street or trials, I would break my feet…

I’m glad you like them though! And how are the 661 ankle guards in your opinion? I have the soft shell protec guards, I’ve been wondering about the 661s

They look like a bad idea for trials to. good way to break a foot :stuck_out_tongue:

saddlepunk, Have you found some advantage to wearing fivefingers for unicycling?

Looking silly isn’t something that should play heavily on the unicyclists mind, and as for picking up girls; I think my wife would have something to say about that.

Breaking toes - maybe, but it’s just one on a long list of potential injuries that us unicyclists face every time we mount up, and being a horse rider…well, anything less than paraplegia is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

You can lead a horse to water…

Except for those of us who use more normal shoes it’s not on the list, and I’d suggest that if using 5fingers it’s rather higher in probability than most other injuries (I’ve done things which might have resulted in it if I was wearing those, but in fact the worst I’ve ever done to myself on a uni is gashing my shin).

I do find your combination choice rather bizarre - I often ride in shoes which expose my ankles, yet don’t bother with the ankle guards (despite having one very prominent ankle bone due to running injuries, which does tend to quite often clunnk the crank). No way would I do more than pootle about in 5fingers - to be fair I have ridden in flip flops, but they’re certainly not my footwear of choice. You still don’t appear to have explained the advantages of your choice.

Common sense tells me not to stick my finger in a rotating bike wheel. I like my vibrams but sometimes a weird UPD causes some “dancing” on the spokes. I’d hate my toes to be so exposed to the spinning spokes. Guillotine time.

or some funky looking toes!

I love wearing my KSOs, but wouldn’t trust them on a uni. I ended up buying a pair of Shimano AM41s based on Ben’s review.

I used to wear my vibrams every now and then when I went on easy 36er rides but I UPD’d once and my foot dragged along the pavement putting a big hole in the top of the shoe. They are cozy for non-extreme street riding but I’m afraid they aren’t durable enough.