Viability of the Nimbus X 20"

I’ve done some research, but I’m not experienced enough to use the information right on what I’m trying to get at.

I’m wondering how the saddle that’s already on it works, if it’s a good size, etc.

If not, is it easily swappable with a Kris Holm saddle?

In general, I’m planning this for Freestyle/Flatland use, so does it work well with what it’s built for? (You never know sometimes. >.>)

The pricing is perfect for what I’m willing to pay, and is the Cash-Quality ratio more than decent?

A link to it, here:

I don’t care too much about the very little things, I just care about the big picture for now. I wont worry about the smaller aspects for awhile.

it should be fine if you want to do freestyle and flat. Some people prefer a wider tire for flat but a skinny one should be fine for starts. Its isis so it is compatible with other isis cranks (moments, koxx-one) if you want them. I like my nimbus gel (after some modifications) but many people dont but you can swap out the seat to a kh. I cant speak from experience but it should be a pretty good ride for you to learn some beginner tricks on and it is easily upgradable.

The nimbus X is one of the best freestyle unis out there, without going through the expense of alu or ti frame. Best bargain for a very nice uni. I loved mine, but switched wheel size.

I purchased this uni 4 months ago for freestyle/flatland riding, and I like it a lot.

I upgraded to the Nimbus Venture Freestyle cranks. They have held up to 540 unispins easily, and I like how they roll for flatland.

Only thing that hasn’t held up is the seat post; I busted it last week when working on my 540 unispins. I just recieved the KH 22.2 mm seat post and I think that will hold up. The seat post probably won’t be a problem for you though if you’re not attempting big unispins.

Thanks a lot guys. :smiley:

I prefer a thin wheel, so that’s not a problem at all.

And thanks for the input on the seat post, uni-spins aren’t really my concern, but I’m sure I’ll get into big ones eventually, so I can upgrade the post when I do.

I’ll be getting it as soon as I can now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Nimbus X 20" rider here to tell you it’s a good deal, and money aside still one of the best choices for freestyle. The Nimbus Gel seat is on par with many of the other high quality freestyle/street seats so I don’t think you will need to switch it but if you do the KH street is also compatible.

another happy customer here :slight_smile: the thing is tough as nails for a freestyle uni, and lighter than others I’ve used, though I wouldn’t call it particularly “light” I like the ventures upgrade as well : )