VFS'07 Weekend

So the street weekend was awesome! We rode a couple skate parks, all around vancouver, north van, burnaby. Really fun rides and really great people.

We ended up filling 2 mini dv tapes of footage, lol!
so ill be going through that tonight and making a wicked video.

There was a prize for best trick, and Jamie (from edmonton) ended up winning it with a crazy ledge crank with one of the steepest kinks ive seen done, IT WAS SIIICCKK.

So probably by the end of tonight, ill put the vid out !

it was really fun, really wet, and a very tiring weekend.

THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR COMING OUT! cant wait till the next one:D


haha not sure why i wrote vfs, cause thats my schools name! ahha (vancouver film school). Its actually the VANCOUVER STREET WEEKEND VSW’07

sounds like a blast! (sounds kinda dirty too:p )

Can’t wait for the vid!:slight_smile: