Very unexpected unicycle sighting at Chardon St. Mary Church

My wife and I went to church today, and I have to admit that we, um, kinda left early so that we could make the 1:30 showing of “Into the Wild”.

I’ll probably be sentenced to eternal damnation for that, thank you Sean Penn.

Anyhow, my guilty nervousness turned to complete astonishment as we walked out the door and what do I see in the parking lot, but a woman riding around on a unicycle zipping up and down the rows with a clipboard in one hand and a pencil in the other. She looked to be about my age, was wearing reading glasses down on her nose, was fit, and was skillfully going back and forth checking out cars, doing God knows what (pun intended)…

I tried to catch her attention but she sped away quickly on her errand.
My wife said, “there goes your dream girl!”

I think I’ll take my uni to church next Sunday and wait in the car :slight_smile:

Finally, a good reason to go to church.

Or at least hang out in the parking lot.

lol, for a second i thought this thread was talking about me, because of the title, i was riding my unicycle in college station texas near a st mary’s church this weekend. i didn’t ride around much, so i wasn’t too sure, but thats funny.

i seriously lolled at that story:p
let us know what happens in the next chapter of unicycle encounters:)

Yes, definitely. :smiley:

This shows that a good story doesn’t have to be long.