very strange things....

so i just got done disassembling and packing my DX for a trip to visit my family in Wisconsin, and one of the strangest things ive even seen happened.

ok, i had taken the seatpost out, and removed the wheel from the frame, and i went to get some towels to wrap everything in, and i came back and picked up the wheel to wrap it in the towel. when i picked it up, i noticed the axle-bolt thing was loose. odd, but not really. so i tightened it, and decided to check the other side. when i flipped it over, the entire other crank was at the edge of the axle. the axle bolt was still on the crank, and so was the pinch bolt, but the crank was waaay on the end of the axle. i couldve pulled it off with my hand if i wanted. that crank is on there tight normally, the only thing that could do that is a crank puller, and the thing was just sitting there, (not to mention the crank in question was face-down with the weight of the wheel above it!) wtf? i had JUST been riding the thing not 45 mins ago, and havent loosened or removed anything in 3 weeks. has anyone ever heard of this happening before?

where in WI will you be going?

viroqoua (sp?) its a reall small town…i think

What a stupid question…The guys has a serious problem and all you can care about is where hes staying?? keep stuff like that to PMs ok…he needs help not travel advice.

So ice…Youre saying that the alxle bolt and crank are just haning there? Hate to say it but it sounds like you stripped out your axle. Check the threads inside the axle… It shouldnt just be hanging off like that.


well the crank was most of the way off, which would mean that somehow the axle bolt was either stipped or unscrewed. i dont think it was stripped cuz i was able to screw it back in, but whats really wierd is that the crank slipped off despite the pinch bolt and the natural tightness of the crank.

I live in WI and I ride a unicycle. I was just wondering if he was cloe enough to ride

so noone has ever had their crank that is on tight just fall off with the bolts still on before?

i did it

mine come loose, but not like that
they get a little wobbly every once in a while

Hey there ice, that happened to me not long after I got my dx. After a while it will stop. Just keep an allen wrench with you and keep them tight as hell. Also get off and check how tight they are every once in a while. It sucks when you loose those nuts. When this happened to me I was riding in the snow and they got loose and fell off. I had to use a magnet to find them… Oh, well, hope this helps.

Well, when I started crankgrabbing, at some point I knocked off the little black thing that was around the bolt, and as I was riding, the bolt was slowly wiggling lose, and it just randomly fell off all of a sudden. Now, when I’m riding, the bolt slowly comes lose…I just hand tighten it until I can get to an allen wrench.

thats not good!!
I used to get a 3/8" drive quick disconnect thingy for a drill and stick a 1/4" allen wrench in it, you need to find some way to torque that bolt, one of my bolt caps fell off yesterday :frowning: now its ugly (haha) use loc-tite, the non permanent kind to keep that bolt on, it works extremely well :slight_smile: