Very Odd Giraffe

For anyone in the market for an extremely odd uni, check out this link:
I doubt the integrity of the thing, but it seems rather cheap for its uniqueness. if one of you buy it, let us know how it rides.
-David Kaplan

I’ll bet it has a nice ride from the frame flex, although that might mess with the chain tension a bit.


Has anyone tried riding one of these? Looks interesing enough. Anyone know who makes them?


It looks hand made.

Can i just say i got a 6foot DM for Christmas, and it rocks! I only been on it a few times, but its kool! :slight_smile:

(Happy New Year Everyone!)

It sure looks heavy. Weird unicycles are neat and such but I learned my lesson once when I bought a one-of-a-kind sort of uni. Now it’s bulky, in the way, useless for anything but show and tell and a few rides by newcomers now and then.

There’s nothing more practical than a regular ol’ ridable unicycle for our club meetings.


They are good for posting a picture of in the gallery :sunglasses: