Very Merry Christmas!!!

I am having a VERY merry Christmas! I got a new Yuni Freestyle Unicycle! This one:

But it has a blue seat and tire so it looks more like this one:

I also got these:

and this:

and this:

And I got some SixSixOne sneakers which were off ebay new.

I think that’s all my unicycle-related stuff. I’ll give everybody an update when I get home from my Grandma’s house. :smiley:

What unicycling stuff did everybody else get?


I got zero unicycling stuff… jeez…

oh well…

Merry Christmas!


IO got stuff to!

I snapped my crank off on the 20th and i also cracked my frame on both sides( loli pop bearing case ) so i got a bedford frame, suzue hub,and . new 5" cranks ( not profile ) + new berings for my case.

gazz 24x3 tire(which i cant use)
2 pedal wrenches (santa clicked the button twice on accident)
crank puller
Onza trials uni with airseat
primo seat clamp
kinport back and front bumper
snafu sealed bearing pedals
and its not unicycle related but
Medal of Honor:Frontline
I reccomend this game to anyone, its great.
hehe, i dont know how i managed to get so much stuff this x-mas
Merry Christmas


How the hell big is the damn sleigh, anyways?!?

Full finger gloves
Park Pedal Wrench
Into The Thunder Dragon


Ahh, Merry Christmas

Hey Ryan…a Coker! :slight_smile:

I got a Summit Trials Uni BUT accidentally threaded both cranks on the same side so only one goes in and the other doesn’t. Not really’s but whoever threaded the crank. Oh well, I hope to get the new crank soon.

Merry Christmas

Brad received a Huffy Monkey Bike (microbike, 3" tires). The interesting thing is that it has 90 mm (about 3 3/4") square taper cranks and a manual to call for spare parts. I think I’ll give them a call tomorrow about getting a couple pairs of the 90’s for the boys’ freestyle unis just to try. Should be fun. Maybe we’ll try them on the Cokers “just for fun”.


O YEA!!!

I got a Yuni 26x3in MUni!!!:slight_smile:

Re: Very Merry Christmas!!!

26" tire, or frame?


Goose Egg
Absolutley nothing!!!

But i got CLOTHES

I got back from my grandma’s.

I got an air pillow and roach cover. The roach cover is yellow. They only sell black ones now. I also got One Wheel No Limit, the Second Wind CO2 pump, and the ET shirt.

My dad (a contractor) is going to bring home a drill tomorrow so we can install the air saddle. He’s also bringing an allen wrench because I need to raise the seat post on my new Yuni freestyle uni.

What a lovely day! :smiley:


Ive been looking so hard for a yelow raoch cover. Where did you get it. They havent had them at forever.

Tell me where you got it.

Uni Stand - Fits four uni’s comfortably!

I got a hand crafted uni stand that fits all four of our uni’s. The uni’s live under the kitchen bar - just the right height to nesstle the wheels on the black painted dowels that are exactly the right width for the wheel and then the seats hold the uni’s snug by lodging gently under the counter or the bar.

It was so cool and well made, I thought at first when I unwrapped this pressie that it was store bought! My favorite Xmas present this year for sure. My sweetie is so practical and so skilled; always surprizing me with cool stuff like this for around the house!

When I finally snag someone with a digital camera, I’ll post some pic’s… got that Harper?! sometime soon then…LOL

happy Xmas,

i did good too, got an awsome unicycle (yuni)(
plus an hydro pack, mini punp and some cycling shorts. The 3in tire is awsome:)

I have a question for all you onza riders out there.
How high do you keep the air pressure in the tire?
I thought mine was perfect but it folds when i do a big sidehop.
Let me know

Wow uniboy50, that is an awesome MUni! So now you can start planning some MUni rides for the Vancouver club, eh?! Let us know if you have some good locations in mind. My MUni can hardly wait to meet yours!!


I got a 5 foot Giraffe and, consequently, a permanent smile on my face.

Also, digital camera. So one day soon I’ll be able to attach pix like yall do.


I’ve been running 40-45 lbs in my Onza without problems. I don’t sidehop all that far though (yet), so you’re probably stressing it more than I am. How does this compare to what you run?


Hee hee. :smiley: I gave my mom my Christmas list in like September. She said she ordered right away and like a day after she ordered she heard me say “Aw…they’re out of yellow Roach covers!”

I think I got the last one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was REALLY surprised that it was yellow!


Re: Very Merry Christmas!!!

just if anyone cares, they have new pics of the velo seats with all the colours
up at, plus Kris put up 2 new photos in his album. Damn I’m bored.