Very happy monkey!

Second in my ignore list. What has this forum become?

Oh yeah, that nimbus is so sexy. Too bad here in Canada we have to pay deadly duties to get ANYTHING across the border. When I go down to the US I will order meself one of those. God they’re (almost catched me there maestro8 :slight_smile: )F* Niccccceee. Congratulations!

i believe it would be caught :smiley:

I’d be interested to hear how Monkey is getting on with his new toy?

Your an ape not a monkey! :roll_eyes:

Well, sadly Monkey hasn’t had much play time recently. The day after I got it I did take it out for a quick 12 mile trip. I was very hesitant about it, and planned to take it easy and dismount at all major junctions or at any time I wasn’t 100% confident. So the 6 miles out was done with only 1 dismount* and the 6 miles back again was dismountless. I only timed the route back, but even though I took things slowly, it was still 3 minutes quicker than I’d ever managed on my 29"

That was the only trip I’ve been out on it, and this week I’m back in London commuting on my 29er again. I want to get a few more miles under my belt on the bigger wheel before I take it in to rush hour traffic. Maybe next week if I get chance to take it out on the weekend.

My initial thoughts though are that it’s great. It’s like a gentle giant! Very easy to ride, very fast, and it takes the lumps and bumps in the road with ease. I’ve never use the saddle handle on my 29er much, so was in two minds about getting the T7 handle with this… however, within minutes of setting off my hands just seemed to fall there, and they stayed there for most of the journey. Well worth the extra bit of cash.


  • One of those cycle paths which lures you in, then leaves you stranded at a junction where the road has priority, even though you could have safely stayed on the road and gone strait through the junction. Grrrr :frowning:

Sounds like it is going to be fun! … I’ve been pondering about my next move up in size from a 24" …not sure whether to go for a 29…29 geared or 36, however now think that I may try the same 36" as you have.

Will be interested to hear your comments in the future.

Thanks Davey

Well, I’ve gone up from a 20" to 26" to 29" so I guess the 36" was going to happen sooner or later. I’ve spent a year on the 29 in Central London, as well as many many miles on longer trips (up to 43 miles one day), so I think I’ve served my apprenticeship and earned the bigger wheel.

I guess it depends what kind of riding you are expecting to do, but for the cost if it, maybe an intermediate 29 might be a good idea.

I’ll keep you all updated with my progress on the 36er though.


im savin up for one of those

I’m contemplating commuting when it gets light enough … about 8 miles to work, and just increasing distance ridden at weekends etc. What is your 29” setup ?

Although not the monkey in question my 8 mile ride to work takes 1 hour.
This is 90% offroad. Standard KH29 with 150 cranks.

Light, dark, rain, sun, snow… I’m one of those mad buggers that rides in nearly every day :sunglasses:

Well, the 29er is UDC gel saddle, Nimbus frame, 2" Big Apple tyre, Sun rim, 110mm square taper steel cranks and DK Iron Cross pedals. (plus other assorted bits inbetween). In the last 12 months it’s been faultless.

It’s an 8 mile each way journey from East London in to Central London which typically takes 45- 50 mins. When I first started I’d get the underground in for the first 4 miles, which was great for gradually building up to the current mileage (80miles/week max, 56-60 miles average).