very good video . . .

look at this new video in this site

I am leary about clicking on a link from someone I have never heard of, with no description.

I clicked it, perhaps naively, but it is just some nice off-road and trialsy riding. Makes me wish that a) I was younger or b) could get myself in shape and do some more rugged riding than my usual trips to the donut shop.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

good stuff, too bad all the links don’t work…

The link worked for me, and the video’s were semi-decent.

and full of pop-up goodness. Not bad though.

Suckers :smiley:

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Risk Factor: 0%

Browser: Firefox
Pop-ups encountered: 0

Smugness level: 100%

ok escusez me,
I am French and we make unicycle since 1 year our site is called “monotrial” and I have already poster of the vidéos in the gallery .