Very Funny unicycle video

Check out this uni video of Rick Redmond.Freakin hillarious. Tell me what you think?

Man, I’ve always loved your videos. We should ride sometimes. I’m in Fort Collins.

that was awesome :smiley:

hahaha great video. :smiley:

At first I was like… Pfff… This is joke…

And then I realized it was :smiley:

Awesome vid.

Epic serious face at 4:15

Another good rick vid, for all you noobs that are “ashamed”. Incase people havnt seen it,



Thanks unirick

hahaha… quite funny

Awesome video!!!

haha awesome vid!!
I love your vids so much :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Just Ricksome!!!

aww man i just got rick rolled:p

haha hilarious video xD!

haha lol this víd was great:D

best uni vid i’ve seen in awhile! thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: