Very cheap 24 Muni bits

Hi all, I’m new here and on the lookout for bits to make up a cheap 24 muni for riding round my local town/village and maybe the odd trail.

I will be needing everything except rim, tyre and pedals though will happily take a full wheel at the right price. Only thing is money is very tight so don’t offer me any full builds as I won’t be able to buy one outright, the plan is to get the bits together over 2-3 months to spread the cost.
Also with regards to the frame, I’d prefer a steel one as I know aluminium will bump the price up and I can always get some magura mounts welded on to a steel frame.

Not fussed with regards to general condition or quality of stuff, will take anything really as it will only really see light work.

I’m in the UK as well if that makes a difference to shipping, cheers!

26" frame will do also, again preferably steel so I can get brake mounts sorted for a 24" wheel

Anyone? Someone must surely have an old steel 26" frame sat doing nothing

I have KH Moment cranks in 150mm for 40$ and Koxx-One Light cranks in 140mm for 45$. They are both real ISIS, if you get an ISIS hub you can PM me.