Very annoying uni-problem

Hi everyone!
My very first post here, so my name is Henrik, im from Sweden and ive been uniing for 7 monts, muniing for 4 months.

Right, my problem is:
Every time I pedal with my right foot the uni creaks and i can feel something jiggeling somewhere.
Ive checked the spokes, nothing wrong with the outermost crossing. The cranks are ok, ive had them on loose, really tight, swapped sides: no change (more like change to the worse…).
Other pedals didnt help.
Dunno what else it can be, anyone has got any ideas?

Ive got the old KH-hub, 170 cranks, nimbus 29" frame, standard bmx-pedals.

Please help me, im going insane!!!

sounds to me you prob damaged your bearings. either from a drop, or over tightening your bearing cups.

remove the frame from the wheelset and by hand rotate the bearings and see if it’s them.

Other thing it could be is the bearings going on the pedals.

It could be nothing, my uni creaks like crazy every time I ride it 5 feet. creaking is what unicycles do best:)

A very wise unicyclist recommended a product available at auto parts stores called Antiseize.

You can try some other grease on your pedal and wheel bearings, too.

That’s a very common problem on that setup. Best thing to do is take off the cranks, put a liberal amount of anti-seize on the splines and tighten both the crank bolt and the pinch bolt quite tight. Be sure to put anti-seize on the bolt threads as well. This will sometimes eliminate the noise. If not, it’s not a big problem just ride!

Righty then, turns out it was the pedal after all…
Swapped again, now its quiet.

Btw, the antisieze thing, is that the same thing as this?

Thanks for the help guys!

well maybe for yours but mine don’t do nothing without my say so :slight_smile:

mine creaks and growns all the time, so what?

oooooh my wheel might not be 100 true stop moning and go ride

on the other hand it could fall apart at any time oh well

My KH creaked, turns out it was the seatpost to seat mounting bolts. Some grease and tightening, no more squeak. And I was sure it was the hub or spokes.