vertical jump

Impossibilities are merely things which we have not yet learned.

so are you saying it’s possible to jump ten feet on a unicycle…?

if someone says can’t, that shows you what to do.

Maybe one day you never know

if you think so, then maybe. but you have to admit, no matter what, there is a limit of what a human can do.

this is true unless evolution has a sudden growth spert

In Zack’s big hop thread, in the second video of the big jump it looks like he pulls the wheel up in front of him. There is one frame where the seat is higher than his butt. Also I could be wrong on this but it doesn’t look like he makes a very big prehop. Like it seems that he jumps more because of jumping instead of compressing the tire and bouncing up. Did any one else notice this?


When I do big hops I’ve noticed that the seat gets well above my butt, and the tire literally touches my butt. You can’t get the tire in front of you, it just isn’t possible. By the time you get it in front, you’ve already passed the apex of the hop, making it useless. Also, who is flexible to keep in balance from that position? If a hop can only be done onto a boring, giant ledge, it’s rather useless. As for the prehop, analyzing it won’t help. You will know when you are doing the right prehop, but it’s not conscious, since the shift is very subtle. Prehops and springing of the tire are the lat parts of big sidehops generally learned, so working on your tuck will provide far more rewards early on, up until around 28".

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On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 21:53:18 -0600, “James_Potter” wrote:

>this is an interesting topic that we were actually discussing recently
>at a Rubiks Cube forum… human limitations. clearly, jumping ten feet
>on a unicycle is impossible, right? five feet is most likely still
>impossible. four feet…? where’s the split between possible and
>impossible? there is a limit somewhere.

People have postulated limits to human performance before, and often
have been proven wrong. Surely, some things are clearly unthinkable
like the speed record going to one million miles per hour. Still, it’s
impossible to set a ‘limit’, in the sense that up to the limit is
possible (ever), but beyond the limit is not. How could you pick “the”
limit? The only hard limit I would accept are physical limits, such as
“on a unicycle you can’t accelerate past the speed of light”.
Obviously that is quite a useless limit, because unicycles will never
even be accelerated till 0.001% of the speed of light (by the rider,
with respect to the riding surface).

Perhaps the best use of limits is as a challenge. Who breaks the 4 ft
hopping limit first?

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people who unicycle are shyly exhibitionistic - GILD

let’s say I could hop X" right?
but now I want to hop higher so I add a sheet of paper.
Shouldn’t be aproblem there right?
So the next day I add another sheet of paper etc etc…I keep hopping higher and if the paper’s add up and start to take their toll I can just add something even thinner than paper which would still be making me hop higher.

So yes, you can always hop higher.

Which reminds me of a story.

There was a NINJA and he wanted to jump like a grasshopper. so wha he did was as follows: He planted a corn plant and everyday he would jump over it 100 times unitl eventualy he would be jumping 100 times over a 6’ tall corn stalk.

I’ve got to try this.

this is actually what people did in African tribes like a billion years ago. which is also the reason that Kenyan’s make such good runners and jumpers.

NINJAs I say.

do a pre hop before you do your real big hop.On a pre hop you bounce down on da tire and jump from that bounce you got on the tire,i do this and i get lots higher than a normal hop, and now i can do a normal hop much better too!!:smiley:

Yes, Ninjas are much better then dirty bushmen.

I must practice! I havnt been out in ages.
Thats another new years resolution broken :frowning:


I too find that seat in is easier, from a static i’m up to about 68cm…im not sure how big that is in inches. seat out just feels really awkward for me…

68cm=~26", which is pretty good no prehop, and amazing seat in.

I really hope that was just a joke made in bad taste. Otherwise, I must say, cyberpunk, you need to reexamine your morals.

I’m quite sure it was a joke…

but then again…ninjas are better than all.

I sidehop seat in 24" in my buddy hits 30"+ normally.

Seat in hopping isn’t totally useless, keep practicing if you want to get your height up. It’s the best way, much better than working on developing your muscles.

Does your buddy break 30" seat in sidehop or 30" rolling hop? 30" seat in sidehop is thoroughly amazing. I can only do 32-33" seat out. But I do think seat in hopping is generally useless, once you are good enough at SIF. I can do every trials skill but skinny riding and stillstands seat out better than I can seat in, and my transitions are good enough that when doing gaps to skinnies where I want to be seat in, the transition is irrelevant it’s so quick.