vertical jump

1.5 inches isnt much of an improvement from a curb

I meant 1.5 FEET my bad

What the heck is wrong with me :frowning: I get way higher with the seat in. Seat in I jump like 25" but seat out I can’t get more than 12" seat out, the landing is too awkward and the uni leans to the side when I land. HELP ME!!! :-p

Yeah, when I try to hop seat out, not even for height or anything, it jerks to the side every time.

A good way to learn seat out is to set up a bunch of pallets on a very slight incline. That way when you do your pre hop you get that sideways momentum very easily. I was able to go from 15 to 28 inch hops in a week of hard practice. Of course I took about a 3 month break from jumping to practice gliding and now I can hardly jump

learn to ride seat in front, REALLY good. be able to hold the seat way in front of you, not touching it with your legs or anything. Maybe work on seat dragging or ultimate wheel too. that’ll help a lot with stability.

Ignore Potter. I learned to seat out ride AFTER I could seat out hop 18 inches. Just practice it and stop crying.

so did I. I’m just saying if you’re tremendously unstable to start with, then some of my suggestions can help.

You don’t live too far from SF. If you’re ever in town you can pm me and I’ll show you what I know about seat out hopping. It doesn’t bring instant gratification, so just practice.

well if yuo want a better seat out hop go to the tutorial section of this forum and there is a video tutorial of it

i dont wanna sound like im repeating myself all over again but core strength and physically ability has a lot to do with how high you can hop…build this during your quest to correct your techinque and you should have no problems…

if you are looking to analyse and look into why you arent hopping very high (like many unicyclists here do for some strange reason) its probably due to lack of required muscle, i believe…

easiest way to fix that… is practice…

is there an echo in here?

Tomsey, I agree with you some, but I must say, i can jump within 6" of Ryan Atkins and Kris Holm, yet I am scrawny, weak, and don’t have powerful legs. I have practiced a bunch, and I think that all of my height comes from technique, not muscle. I didn’t build much muscle while practicing, but now i think building muscle would help. Up until about 30-34", depending on the rider, almost all improvement in height will be due to improvements in technique. This improvements generallyy comes in fits and starts. Once you perfect your technique of springing the tire and sucking up the uni, it becomes a question of muscle. My spring isn’t perfect, and I think that by perfecting it I can break 34 orf 35" (+2-3" for me), but my tuck of the uni is as good as it will get. Somehow though, I don’t think I’m going to be building much mroe muscle any time soon, since if I never did in the first 3 years of riding, I don’t see why this year shouldnbe any better.

It is totaly in the technique. Most of the height comes from how good your pre hop is. At least in my opinion.

hey bevan…

how long you been riding… and how often do you ride?

you are forgetting that you are constantly building muscle… trials especially natural stuff is like a workout X5 because you are doing reps constantly for hugely extended periods of time…

and you are stronger than you think…
technique only gets you so far… once your tyre hits your ass… it dont go any further…

Or when the tire slips when you jump and and your feet miss the pedals and you rack yourself on the tire :astonished: Thats always interesting.

I’ve been unicycling for about 42 months-3 years, 6 months. I’ve been riding real trials for about 18 months, although I’ve been able to rolling hop about 12" for about 2.5 years.

I used to ride about 30-60 hours a week. That was back when I could only hop about 24-28", both of which I do noprehop every time now. Now I haven’t ridden my trials uni in about 4 months, due to a series of unfortunate equipment problems. I’m hoping to have a new hub in 12 days. (Speaking of which, if anyone has a profile hub they want to sell me, PM me, as I’m looking) I rode my muni on and off during that time, but I topped out at 30" on that.

I agree that the tire won’t go any higher once it hits your butt–that is wat stopped me at 30" on my muni, conincidentally (or is it?) 2.5" short of my record on my trials uni. But timing of the bounce does make a huge differenced, and I hope to exploit that for an extra few inches.

When I ride lots I see the most muscle building in my right arm, due to the lifting of the seat. My legs get their excercise from 5 miles of city biking (5 miles in sf is a lot more than 5 miles somewhere else), and somehow I am always competitive when it comes to hill climbing. But for jumping high, I never notice muscle building. I am considering doing the leg press at the gym to build my hopping height, but otherwise I don’t think inproved muscle strength will come from pure hopping.

can’t you bring the tire out in front to get it even higher, assuming your extremely flexible that is.

actually, once the your tyre hits your but you CAN go higher.
It’s all in the first jump. If you jump high with the uni to start off with and get a good tuck in obviously you’ll be getting more hieght then if you had a lame jump and a good tuck.

So yeah…you can always go higher.

I agree with most of what you said Owen, you need to compress the tire and use your legs to get yourself and the uni up in the air, and after you’ve done that you need to pull the wheel up right when you’re at the peak to get the highest. however…

this is an interesting topic that we were actually discussing recently at a Rubiks Cube forum… human limitations. clearly, jumping ten feet on a unicycle is impossible, right? five feet is most likely still impossible. four feet…? where’s the split between possible and impossible? there is a limit somewhere.

afraid not.

this is what keeps me awake at night…

Oh god…no bounderies…