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I’m looking to increase my vertical jump while the seat is still under me. At the moment I can jump maybe 7 or 8 inches with the seat under me and about 1.5 feet with the seat out. I’ve seen on uni movies, kids jump up on picnic tables. Looking at it I know it takes a lot of stomach to pull the uni up. So, I’m looking for tips on how to practice jumping the uni higher and higher, eventually picnic tables.

Hi OJ,

I’m no trials Mac-Daddy but I can get up on picnic tabes tables. I’m going to be in Tallahassee in a couple of weeks with my family. E-mail me if you want to ride near the state capitol building grounds on Saturday the 5th with my step-son and me.


to do really high hops with the seat still under you you need to do a rolling hop. This means ride up to the object really fast, and hop while in midride. your momentum will carry you forward and up.
someone with more experience with rolling hops will probably post here soon with some more useful tips…

Rolling hops obviously work only for forward hops. For big side hops, seat in, you’ve got to compress the tire–or prehop) before launching (a timeing thing), leap, and at the dead point (apex), tuck, fold forward and suck the uni under you (keep the seat heigth low). Try and be cat like quick when you snatch the uni up after the leap, and don’t overgrip the uni. The idea is to jump, then snatch the uni up in mid air, not jump WITH the uni as a fused unit. The more you can scrunch the tuck, the higher you’ll go.

If I practice a lot for a week or so I can get up around 23-24 inches, and good trials guys (I’m a MUni rider) can seat-in hop a lot higher than that. IME, it’s a lot of practice to start getting consistant over about 22 inches, seat in.


learn to seat out hop. if you really wanna clear picnic tables that’s the only way i can thin kof to do it. I can side hop maybe 18 inches on my muni seat in, and that’s very nearly as high as i could possibly jump, there’s just no where else to tuck the uni. With seat out you can tuck much much higher. As someone else mentioned, rolling hops can me good for hopping really high but its a forward hop and requires really good control. at lesat more than a side hop.

Potter said it. Rolling hops are the way to go. I can air a picnic table on a trials uni either way, and in my opinion rolling hops are easier. BTW, Mike Middleton used to be able to do 24" on him muni seat in, sidehop. I think Pluto can too.

ROlling hops start when the bottom pedal is as low as it can get. I don’t feel like running through the explanation right now, but a quick search should turn a good one up. John Childs or someone else has a good frame by frame of a big hop by Dan Heaton. Finding that would be good.

I just started working really hard on my rolling hops a couple of weeks ago, when I first started I could barely make it up your average curb… but so far i’m VERY happy with my progress! And can now jump about 1.5" on a rolling hop. Infact everything around hear is either way to high or way to low for me to really practice on now, so toonight i’m ganna go steal some crates from Behind albertsons (Grocery store) I plan on getting my rolling hops to two feet, then i’ll stop working on them so diligently, and let them just get better over time. But yeah, although I’m no pro there is three small things that I’ve just kinda learned on my own that have helped me (If you’re good at rolling hops and any of this is incorect, please correct me)

1.Try jumping up not ,forward and up, your ganna go forward anyways. 2. Jump WAY before you think you should I mean WAY I had trouble with this at first. It should be about six inches away from the object pluss the height of the object, so a 1 foot object would be A foot and a half away. When in doubt jump even sooner. And 3. Stand up on your pedals as you come to the object, then let your knees bend and body weight come down on the tire to kinda help you get a prehop out of the tire, then launch up all at once. The launch should be QUICK one quick Snap of the legs, really think about pounding the tire into the ground as hard as possible.

It is possible to seat in static hop 2 feet or so. Joel Burgess was doing it easily every try at Motorama. I can get around 14 inches consistently. Basically its a mix of pulling the seat up and the wheel forward while tucking your body down.

Stactic hopping with the seat in is easy wth the seat really low. I can do about 19 inches seat in with and really low.

I can static hop a generally reliable 20 inches, but I can’t seem to learn seat out, or rolling hop( I can only jump 10 inches) . We seem to have opposite problems.:slight_smile:

For me, after you’ve developed you muscles, static hopping is a mental skill. I have been working on my jumping height by hopping into snowbanks. They give you a nice soft landing, and you can reach your max height without having to find a object just the right hight to jump onto.

I can jump higher than a house.

Once you get close to your limit, I’ve found the most essential skill is to be able to fail on the heigth without falling way out of control. You won’t be able to stick it all the time, and a graceful fall is a must–it’s also tricky when you’re fully tucked and the tire catches, then suddenly sprongs off the lip of a ledge or bench. You can shock load onto the deck with bone snapping force, even from only a couple feet.

Wear those shin and wrist guards.



Originally posted by yoopers
I can jump higher than a house.

Since houses can’t jump?


Anyway, how much of static jump height is technique, not muscle or build?

since when could houses jump?

There seems to be an echo…:frowning: :smiley: Were you writing while I was posting?

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True, but having the seat low sucks for everything else. Keep it high, suck at seat in hops and learn seat out.

i have been riding for 3 years and i have a 20"jump with seat in. i try so hard to do it with seat out but i only have about a 5 " jump. also the thing where you take 1 small jump and then jump up to where u want to get, the small jump seems to take away power.

Your technique is bad. Practice. Watch videos of people who are good. Practice. Fin.

thanx. way to be straight forward:)