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Does anybody know what the most versitle unicycle is? Its able to do muni and freestyle and trials and anything.

one more random thought,
Does anybody know a blind unicyclist? I tried uni’ing with my eyes closed and I got all of twenty feet before I had to open them

The Homey of Uni write:

Yes, the one in your dreams, it can do anything, even metamorphosize from a 20" to a 36", of course you have to wake up to reality sometime :slight_smile:

Not that I would know though, as I don’t dream of unicycles, honest, I just overheard someone say it.


Re: versitle uni

>Does anybody know what the most versitle unicycle is?

I’m voting for my Paul Wyganowski Coker frame. Of course it looks a bit silly
with a Monty wheel in it, but it works! And of course it fits everything else
in between.

Actually, I use my Telford for everything–except a Coker wheel. It’s very easy
to swap wheels in and out. I swap between a Monty, a 24x 3, a 26x2.6, and a

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

David injects a practicle answer where I wouldn’t have thought one applicable, and I think is generaly apt. I have simmilar feelings about my 28" Lucifer fork. However, crown height makes the smaller wheels a bit less usefull for skills that are aided by a crown; of course this isn’t an issue with the Telford, which has no crown…

Now that I think about it- Lewis, get on the waiting list for a Telford! Very high cool factor, and as David points out, can accomodate your wide interests.



What are the characteristics of your Telford frame? The reason I am asking is because I am considering investing in one. Other than its incredible cool factor, the frame looks to me like it would absorb a lot of the road shock The whole concept makes sense to me —radial forgiving but laterally unforgiving, whereas a conventional frame wouldn’t have any radial flexibility. How does it ride?


The reason for the Telford is to be able to use a Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost. The angle of the seat tube makes the use of the Thudbuster possible. It’s the best suspension solution available for a unicycle. To ride a Telford with a rigid seatpost would be silly. The suspension is nice for XC rides cause you can ride with the seat just a little bit higher than with a standard rigid muni without getting bounced out of the seat when you hit the bumps. The slightly higher seat makes pedaling just a little more efficient which is nice for XC rides.

But I’m not going to talk up the Telford cause I want one. If I talk it up too much everyone will want one and there just aren’t that many to go around.

Oh, did I mention that the frame is really heavy. Yup, it’s a heavy frame. All you gram counters should avoid the Telford. Yup, everyone should avoid the Telford. Oh, and I don’t think the Telford will fit those new fangled 29" wheels. It’s old technology. Totally unsuited for the new style XC ride with those 29" wheels.

Disclaimer: I’m not 100% sure that the Telford won’t fit a 29" wheel. However, I really doubt the big 29er wheel would fit.



What is the Cane Creek Thudbuster Seatpost? From what I have seen of the Telford frame, what stands out is that it connects with the axle at two places. This should absorb road shock. Isnt that the idea behind it? Maybe I am missing something. Traditional frames are simply a set of forks with a seat attached.

Seems the Telford frame would be ideal with my new Harper Hub



I haven’t been having any luck with Telford’s website:

Is this the correct address? It says account is currently unavailable.

Ya, the site is down- most likely due to sabotage by Mr. Childs; you may find a cached version of the page, here:

Google Telford Cache


Re: versitle uni

I can’t say enough nice things about my Telford. It is light, comfortable, and
accomodates a wide range of wheels/tires–even the large 29ers. The only
criticism I’ve heard is that it doesn’t have a flat crown for gliding. Of
course that also prevents some nasty accidents.

I use the Cane Creek/Thudbuster Quad suspension post:;sz=720x300;ord=20038?

The suspension adds quite a bit to comfort for longer rides. Geoffrey still
plans to have several more frames made in time for UNICON.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Re: Re: versitle uni

Will the Telford frame really fit a 29" wheel like the WTB 29" Nano Raptor? I’ve seen the Telford with a 700cc road wheel and it didn’t look like it had enough extra space to fit a larger diameter tire.

If the Telford fits a 29er tire that would be awesome. A definite gotta have.


RE: versitle uni

> Does anybody know what the most versitle unicycle is? Its able to do
> muni and freestyle and trials and anything.

The answer to this question probably depends on the specific range of stuff
you want to do with it. For me it would be my old 24" Miyata with slightly
knobby tire. Good on the trails, I could do a Freestyle show with it, and
much better for getting around town than a 20"!

> Does anybody know a blind unicyclist? I tried uni’ing with my eyes
> closed and I got all of twenty feet before I had to open them

If you didn’t crash, it wasn’t a very thorough test. Remember, the blind
person has a lot more practice being blind than a sighted person.

John Lizza is probably the most famous blind unicyclist, but he’s pretty old
now and I don’t know when was the last time he rode. He is pictured in some
of Jack Wiley’s books. He was a friend of Bill Jenack (founder of the
Unicycling Society of America) and lived a few miles away from him. I got to
meet him a few times, and saw him ride at the USA Nationals in 1983
(Syracuse, NY).

One of John Lizza’s neighbors once told me how he would ride on his own
(years after learning to ride with help from his wife). He lived on a
cul-de-sac, which is a dead-end street with a big round part at the end. He
would apparently go out with his cane, and walk up and down the street to
“spot” all the parked cars. Then he’d get on the unicycle and ride it up and
down the street, or at least around the cul-de-sac, without hitting

There have been other blind unicyclists. I remember a picture from the JUA
(Japan) News, of two kids with the caption “blind unicyclists!”

Stay on top,
John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“If people want to truly understand mountain biking, they have to do two
other things: ride a unicycle, and master the trampoline.” – Joe Breeze,
one of the originators of mountain biking, in a conversation with Tim Bustos

Re: versitle uni

>If the Telford fits a 29er tire that would be awesome.

Okay, okay… I haven’t actually done it. But I’m using a Conti 700x48 which
is 28.5 incher, and I think there’s room.

David Maxfield

The Telford is a very rigid frame. I don’t think it absorbs that much road shock due to the angle of the seat tube. On a standard unicycle the seat is always directly above the cranks which gives and effective 90 degree seat tube angle even on a frame like the Telford. I have only ridden a Telford a few times and that has always been on a 2.6 Gazz Jr. tire. I don’t have any first hand experience with how it handles road shock with a street tire.

The Thudbuster is a seatpost shock made by Cane Creek. It’s a parallelogram design. The angle of the Telford seat tube allows the Thudbuster shock to move straight down as it is designed to on a bike. That is the whole reason for the Telford design, to allow the parallelogram style seatpost shocks to work properly on a unicycle. The result is magic.

Here are two links for the Thudbuster

The Telford could be a good frame for the Harper hub paired with a 700cc wheel. The challenge will be in figuring out how to attach the lever arm from the hub to the Telford frame. The other issue is that the Telford is designed to fit the Semcycle deluxe hub which is a little bit wider than the Suzue hub. I’m not sure of the width of the Harper hub. The Harper hub might not fit.


Re: versitle uni

On Mon, 13 May 2002 18:18:15 -0500, The Homey of Uni
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>Does anybody know what the most versitle unicycle is? Its able to do
>muni and freestyle and trials and anything.

Hm, I’ve been pondering this issue lately from another perspective. I
originally bought my Semcycle 24 x 1.75 because it would be versatile.
It is still my only uni but I have this itching wishlist of (1) a 24"
MUni for the nearby and furtheraway trails, (2) a 20" for skill
development and (3) a large wheel uni (Coker?) for distance. It
strikes (and saddens) me that then there is not really a pre-eminent
application anymore for my versatile 24" Sem.

Klaas Bil

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