Vermont Muni

Had a short “relax” trip to Vermont, so I took the Muni and made a project of it. Nearby there’s a nice mesh of short foot paths leading to a river and swimming hole that make for a great Muni trail if one is willing to loop about a bit.

Like your last vid for the Muni video comp I also enjoyed that so much. So good riding and the music adding such a relaxed feeling (even if some of those trails obviously seem not to be relaxing for the rider :smiley: ).

Cool video. Looks like a great place to ride.

I have only watched the very beginning, but i just want to say that this video is awesome, because this song is in Napolean Dynamite. Okay I’ll go watch it now.

edit: Nice, I enjoyed this

That looked like so much fun. That kind of muni looks like so fun. I think that would be fun even on a 19" :slight_smile:


Just back from VT myself … did not ride.
Glad that you did.

Cool video. Makes me realize I need to get my hopping down.

Where is this place? I will be in Manchester, VT over labor day weekend and have heard about some quarry swimming holes, but never been.

I need to learn to hop switch-footed so that I can do half revolutions in between hops, hopefully making it look smoother.

Buttermilk Falls is near Ludlow. There are two swimming areas below waterfalls in the river.

I’m tempted to make a video with a more aggressive soundtrack (really liked your stormy weather vid) but I feel I need to work on getting faster more exciting footage first. Riding with less hesitation usually ends up with me crashing harder though… Maybe that would be part of the video?

Thanks to everyone who commented, I aim to please.:slight_smile:

That was a pretty good pace riding, i thought. A faster, more agressive soundtrack will make it feel faster too :wink: But the mellowness was nice, particularly against the natural background :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that you mention the natural background because as I’ve been thinking about a keyed up video it occured to me to do a sort of suburban muni ride. There are a lot of nice rocks and hills spread around my neighborhood that I could spend more time getting good shots on and then string them together to make it seem like a trail through town. Some spots might be too crowded for me to feel comfortable filming for long at though.

Maybe this like that that flux riding thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great vid, what’s the name of the song?

We’re Going to be Friends by The White Stripes