Vermont MUNI Weekend II: July 12-14

Less than a month away from the sickest, funnest, shreddinest, friendliest Muni event to be held in Central Vermont ALL SUMMER!

Lots of singletrack, some freeride, dirt road riding, possibly a hockey game… and it’s free! Free camping! Free gnar! Free grins/faceplants!

(What more could you ask for, seriously?) Come on by and check it out!

More info here…

Weekly Rides in VT

Hi everyone, for those looking for ongoing muni rides in Vermont, we have a small Muni group that rides together about once a week, and if you want to join us please do!

Message me and hopefully it will work out. We typically ride off the White River watershed (I-89 corridor Randolph to White River Junction), and we’re always looking for new trails…

Sorry I missed this thread the first time around. We live two hours south of White River on the Rt 91 corridor in Mass. Could have provided 3 or 4 riders to the weekend (myself and 3 of my kids).

My oldest kid loves muni and just started as a Rook (freshman) @ Norwich, right in your back yard. I don’t think he can have a uni on campus until he graduates from Rookdom in the spring. But if you guys want to hit the trails across Rt 12 from the university after Rook “breakout”, you will probably add another rider to your group.