Ventures vs Tensiles

hi, thinking about getting some cranks for trials, and thinking about getting something a bit more light weight then the moments. how are the ventures and tensiles. how do they compare, strength and cost wise? thanks.


I have ventures and they are pretty good for what i do. The 125mm weight around 380g.

I am looking at getting some tensiles they cost almost twice as much and weight 410g (140mm). I guess the tensiles would be a lot stronger then the ventures though. :slight_smile:

Hope this helped

are the tensiles available on UDC canada?

Not that I could find.

ok, thanks for the help. any other opinions of either of these cranks will help.

I liked my Tensiles. Wouldn’t reccomend them for someone riding street though (crank gets caught on rails).

Every cranks get caught on rails. Rails have to be grided with pedal to prevent that…

Except for large and square-ish rails.

I would rate Tensiles. They get slagged off alot in the bike trials world, but they seem ok for unicycles. Mine feel nice and stiff, lightweight and have a bit of q factor.
The only bad comment I would make about them is that the inserts have come loose on mine. I did change my pedals very regularly on them though.

I guess I should have said they got caught more often on rails then my new ones (K-1 Streets). They are thinner then other cranks and will get caught more often. Of course i was just a beginner the majority of the time I used them.

I got a pair of tensiles for Christmas… all I can say is that they are light, I haven’t tried them yet, there’s snow on every Trials spots I know. I can’t wait to go ride Trials with them:)

The older models had some issues but personally I had the newer UCI urban legend and they held up great to some abuse. Don’t know anything about Ventures though.

Ventures suck.
Tensiles win.

One word: Taz :roll_eyes:

Haha, I know, I got them the day after I went to the Taz:p I’ll try to go back again this winter, and get the 100cm sidehop:D

100cm side hop! haha i can barely do like 20 cm, just cant seem to get the bounce or length, not sure why but 100cm thats crazy

I got to land it before you tho :stuck_out_tongue:

you’ll probably land it before me, you can go to the Taz pretty much every weekend you want, and I didn’t rode trials since I came back from the Taz:( What’s your record?

100cm sidehop? That’s really not all that far if you ask me. :thinking: Perhaps is it onto a skinny? off of one? or, do you mean 100 in.?

Sidehop means up. :wink: Gap means side to side.

100cm is pretty high quaxer :wink: It’s 100cm vertical, from the ground to a 100cm obstacle. If you want to know in inches, google is your friend.

But I do not got to the Taz every w-e :wink: I don’t have money for that and circus is keeping me busy enough. I also got to rest a bit, sunday is my rest day so… (all other days I have circus)

96 is my record I think. I have only did once. I can do 90cm jump pretty easily. I can also get my wheel up a 100cm ledge somewhat easy but I can seem to recover from the top of the ledge.