Venture 2 cranks for Muni?

Okay, so I’m getting my parts list together, and didn’t realize that as the weight of the new KH cranks went down, the price went up. Way up.

I can get my new Muni spec’d with Venture 2’s in 150 or 165, and then with Moments in 165’s at no additional cost. I’ve run Ventures and Venture 2’s on my 36er and liked them, but it’s not nearly as rough of riding as Muni. I was just wondering if anyone has done any real Muni on Venture 2’s.

I could always go for the Moments, I do see that as an option, and may end up going that direction cause the 120$ cost for Spirits is stretching my budget a bit thinner than I was thinking it would.

Or should I quit whining and start looking for change in the couch cushion? :stuck_out_tongue:

I ran 165 venture 2s for dh before I got a break and came off a drop and messed them up bad, mind you i weigh 230

I rode muni on 150 venture II’s for over a year and they were fine. They bent a little but mind you, I rode them very hard.

after a while you will bend the ventures or strip them and then have to cough up some new dough. Soooo spend the money once and go with spirits. Then when you decided to get a disc you wont have to try to figure out what parts you need to go with. Its an investment for the future :sunglasses:

+1 all the way

BTW, Jacob I wasn’t undermining your opinion on the other thread, just wanted to see other peoples experiences.

sigh It’s sounding like it’ll be the spirits anyways. :roll_eyes:

Thanks guys.

ehh no worries, it was a good thing you posted this thread. This question will be asked for sure again in the future and when people use the search function they will be able to find it quite easily :slight_smile:

does anyone regret spending the extra $$ for spirits?

Its worth while in my opinion. if you like modding things you could consider drilling or milling out moment cranks and you may get the weight below a spirit and still have a crank set far stronger than the nimbus ones.

Personally, go all out if you love your Muni. Spirits are perfect straight out of the wrapping!!!
Can always transplant them to a future uni or on sell them to a fellow rider if it ever comes to that.

A bent Venture is limited adventure…

Drilled moments look awesome! The downside is that you only save an ounce per crank… so for the trouble that you go through its purely just to make the cranks look badass.

Another good thing about spirits or any other KH products, resell value is still really good. Before the spirits came out you could ride with moments for a year or two and sell them for at least 75% of retail price. I don’t think you could do that with much of any other unicycle part out there today.

I LOVE spirits the way they are built godly

So let me ask you guys this, would Moments even be worth looking at at 165mm? Moments were kind of THE crank up until this year and I don’t mind mine, but would the 165 length just be too long on a 26?

Is wha I run on 26 break less

personally i never liked 165mm on anything. Maybe for me its suitable on a geared 36er but its still choppy and not a smooth pedalling ride. sure you get torque but my knees dont like the massive rotation and one a smaller Uni they will weigh a little extra and possible you can pedal strike your beloved pedals on nasty un forgiving rocks. 150mm are great compromise and fairly universal on most wheel sizes. i like my 137’s. 125’s for the commute or very flat XC…

165 is just massive on a unicycle, when I started muni this is what I rode with and liked it then. I could torque over anything, but as soon as I started to spin with them my legs would freak out. I think smaller cranks with a brake is the best option. The speed is used to roll over things and use the speed to keep the momentum going in uphill sections. Also with longer cranks you get pedal strike… which is super shity cause its a totally rip off to get tossed off from a pedal strike. Run the smallest cranks you can, but just start at 150mm.

If you are break less it’s a good size but yay 150s with a break are awsome

The Ventures are fine, they’re inexpensive.

The most significant difference is Q Factor, the Ventures have almost zero, the Sprits are a little wider than Moments.

Spirits are a lot lighter than Moments and they can be used for an external rotor.

Long cranks vs short cranks…no need to discuss, personal preference.

Keifer, I have a set of slightly used Spirit 165/137 if you want them…send me a PM.

Moments and Spirits have the same Q-factor according to Kris. They look like they have a lot because of how they are machined out.

Zero Q-factor vs some Q-factor:

Personal preference is the biggest thing. I think with zero Q its easier to spin but its a less stable ride. Your foot stance is tucked in making everything a more vertical in your body. Good for riding fast not so much for riding slow.

Ben, you’ve been PM’d. Thanks for the offer…

Q factor was increased on the Spirits; according to Kris, for caliper clearance. I believe it was about 5mm.

It is not much, but they are much wider than Ventures.

Money is not any issue when I buy parts, but anyway I choose the Venture2 for heavy-duty-pair-freestyle, as the construction (shape) is pretty good

But since very recent I also ride the BlackZeroQ.
You mentioned a lower-limit of 150. But mind those to (although 145 mm). I think that construction is even stronger (it’s a fancy/light “I” beam), but I’m not 100% sure yet if it’s material (“7050”) is as good as the Venture2’s (7075 T-6).

That same comparison counts for the Spirits, that are close to the same price.
They advertizes:
“7050 Aluminum (similar yield strength but tougher than 7075 Al)”
But how does that compare to 7075 T-6?
Which one is theoretically the better one?
And in reality; did the Venture2 had many (or any) serious failures?

I think the Venture2 is a safe buy, however, in your case I also would take JacobSpera’s advice, and consider the fact of the disk brake option.
So in your shoes I’ll probably took the Spirits.