Ventura Riders

Sup fellas? I’ve been reading around the forums lately and have noticed that alot of other unicyclists live near me also. If YOU live in or near Ventura County(Preferably Camarillo) then hit me up and we can do some muni or street. My aim is crashboy1993. Alright see you then!

I’m in Newbury Park, and ride in Pt. Mugu State Park/Sycamore Canyon area. I’m still a noob but trying to learn fast. Would be great to ride with others around here, such a great playground we have. I don’t do trials if that’s your deal, but I’d be eager to watch and learn.

hey im in agoura/oak park. i would love to go ride. next time i see you on AIM i will send you a message and we will plan somethin.

sweet just send me your aim and stuff and we can learn from each other =)
P.S Were you on a baseball team ever? your name sounds oddly familiar

I’m in Camarillo. Two month’s into unicycle riding. Mostly just riding around the local neighborhood so far, but would like ride with others or to try muni sometime. Send me a PM and we can perhaps go for a ride sometime.

Hey guys, My name is Josh and I also live in Camarillo.
I’m big on the MUni riding and am going to Moab this year for the Munifest.

I have a friend who also lives in Camarillo and rides Muni.
He is somewhat new to the Muni but is very good for how little off-roading he has done.

I’m pretty good at it and dont mind slowing down or hanging out in one spot for a while.

I’d like those of you in or Near Camarillo to send me a PM w/ your phone number and e-mails.

I’ll try and get a group e-mail list going for those of us that live near Camarillo area. I know there is a Santa Barbara group, but I think it would be awesome to have a Camarillo Group. There wouldn’t be that many of us to start w/ but we should be able to get a group of at least 3 or 4 out on Muni every weekend or everyother.

I’m currently In San Fran, so you guys will most likely meet my buddy Allen before me.

Just send those phone numbers and e-mails to me so I can get a list going.



Hey Josh whats up? How I knew you lived in Camarillo I have no idea but here are the specs. Im 16 ( sophmore in highschool =P ) Oh and yes I do attend Camarillo High School and I literally live less than a football field away from the school. Maybe you have seen me unicycling around because I dont do it in my neighborhood often ( not too many obstacles) unless my neighbors there. My neighbor, Patrick Bullington also unicycles but he also just started as well as your friend. Im really accustomed to the street unicycling and have never really muni before… i got a 20 incher and a 24 incher.(idk if i could maybe use the 24 for muni sometime with you?) Well just gimme your aim or something and we can make an arrangement.
Oh, by the way, my names Michael Thomas. When you were talking about the skatepark, you were talking about the one next to the boys and girls club correct?

Hi unifreak! Sure we can ride sometime. Give me a store or restaurant you live near so I can have an idea where you live. ( that goes for the rest of you!)

I’ve got a group formed on facebook for VC riders to play Uni BBall. “So cal unicycle basketball”. Look for us, and I hope to see some of you out there!