Venice Bike Path - 36 Nirvana

Fifty miles of perfect bike path, dead flat, most of it fifty yards from the waves, an endless cavalcade of bikini-clad beauties on roller blades, perfect weather and a vista that runs to the end of the world, for 36er cruising pleasure, the Venice Bike Path is tough to beat. Today, Don and I went for about three hours and I squeezed off a couple shots, posted shortly.

If you’re ever in So Cal., borrow a 36er and spin on down to the Venice bike path. If you want to see just how fast you can go, do it here and dive for the sand if all goes wrong.



I believe John kept the pictures of the bikini clad women to himself so as not to offend anyone on this forum! This place is made for big wheels!





Nice pics you have there seriousslacker. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Keep it up.

u seem to have forgotten to psot the pictures of bikini clad roller bladers

Looks fantastic. My type of riding. If I ever come to So Cal, I’m bringing my uni. :smiley:

That looks like really great fun. I’d sure love to a have a 36er and a place to ride it like that. Nice pics too. It looks like a peaceful place to ride from those shots, I’d have imagined it differently. Let’s see a shot that’s a little more populated…maybe with some bikini-clad passersby :wink:

Today I’m going to do a similar ride. Here in Prague there is a nice bike path that goes along the Vltava river. It was just extended to go from southern Prague down to a small town called Zbraslav. I’m going to try to make it there today.

Makes me wish I still had my coker! Last year I was riding that path almost every week, from Hermosa Pier to Will Rogers State Beach; about 15 miles roundtrip. I’m thinking about getting another coker, but this time it would have to be an upgrade deal, like airfoil, maybe the new nimbus frame, shorter cranks and a brake.

will this be the return of terry big wheel? :astonished:

Haha, you remember my old username!:stuck_out_tongue: Nah, I’ll stay with Muniaddict, since that’s really where my heart is, but I also registered under “Uni Geezer” just so I have that one too. :sunglasses:

Hi John…this is Becky…Ricky’s friend. Looks like a perfect day out there. I make that ride every once in a while. It would be awesome to run into you guys one day. Or Uni-Geezer. Always feel like the only Coker on the planet. Do you know if there is going to be a Round-up this year?

Happy riding!!

Hi Becky, At our Dana Point ride today I met Kevin, who brought his coker, plus and extra! He would like to join John, Don, me and hopefully you and any other coker-ers for a ride along the Beach path Saturday, 6/2/07. Since I sold my coker a while back, he’ll let me use his extra. It would be great if we could all make it!

Terry, I should be good for 6/2 but we’ll need a little more info to make sure we knmow when and where to hook up.

Why did you sell your 36er?


After getting into MUni, I lost interest in riding it.

Wow! That is so not fair!:frowning:

Hey guys,

I don’t suppose any of you happen to be around on Sunday the 10th June, and fancy a ride?

Just like I’m gonna be in LA for 10 hours, and this is kind of near LAX isn’t it?

I’m getting in there at like 12:40 pm, just after midday, and catching a flight out at 22:40/10:40pm*. I think that means I need to be at LAX by about 8pm. Assuming I clear security by like 13:30, that’d give tons of time to go ride, even if the plane is late (NZ006 from Auckland).

I will have a unicycle with me, although it might be easier not to have to unpack it. I was figuring to left luggage my gear and just go to the beach, go swimming, that kind of thing but it’d be awesome to spend that time riding!

Potentially, thinking about it, if anyone was down there with a car, I could bung my bags in it, and get the Schlumpf out of my bag to ride.

I’ll be totally jetlagged (12 hour flight), it’ll be too hot to ride, but hell, isn’t that what it’s all about? I’ll have the flight afterwards for recovery time. I sometimes think shock treatment is best for jetlag anyway.


I’d be down. I’ll PM you.

I’m down.

Or we could make it the 10th and have Joe Marshall join us, or both.

36" Venice/Santa Monica… I usually try to ride every Sunday. I’m up for rides on Sun. or any other day!!

Awesome, this is right near the airport, so I should be cool to come riding on the 10th, how’s that for turning the hassle of a 10 hour changeover into an opportunity!

I’m well excited, last time I was in LA I went to Orange County and to some beach towns there, and they were cool as, be great to ride this stuff too.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna have the Schlumpf with me, so anyone who fancies a bit of geared uni fun, turn up, I can always ride your coker for a bit.


Don’t forget to post your photos of scantily clad rollerblading ladies.