What is velodrome riding? -Shanna

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> What is velodrome riding?

Riding in a velodrome :slight_smile:

A velodrome is a cycle racing track - often indoors. It’ll usually have a
steeply banked track. Most often used for sprints, pursuits, etc by bicyclists
dressed in head-to-foot lycra with wierd aerodynamic helmets (at least in
competition - training doesn’t always get like this!) The bikes used are often
fixed-wheel (so they’ve got that part right at least).

Riding a uni on a steeply banked velodrome track is rather hard. The one we have
in Reading is rather wimpy in comparison to most and is outside and has an
asphalt surface. This one should be fine to ride on, even with one wheel. When
we’ve been there, we’ve ridden on the athletics track inside the cycle track
`cos that’s what IUF stuff is aimed at. I fancy trying a Coker on the cycle part
sometime though.

Paul Selwood