Velocity rim advice/opinions? Velocity Psycho 48h rim

Hi there, I am building up a 20" uni for mixed street/outdoor use, and found one of these rims for less than $20.

Has anyone else used one of these for a Uni? It seems sufficiently wide (31.5 mm) and mated to the UDC 48h hub it should be a pretty strong wheel.

I have been using the search function but can’t find any previous posts about the Velocity “Psycho” rim. Any thoughts?

From web site:


Just like the name. It’s the widest rim we make and is built for durability. It offers a low profile and eyelets. Built to handle anything you can.

Colors: Black, Drillings: 36 48

20” (406)
Bead seat diameter 406
Weight 584g ERD = 392


it won’t hold trials tires will it?

Not all trials unis have to have a trials tire. If you want to run something like that you should use a fly ruben. preferr the bmx style trial unis

Fly Ruben tire on Velocity Psycho rim

Thanks I had not heard of a Fly Ruben before so I read around a bit.

Found one new on Ebay for $13. I am going to run this rim since I already have it and I am trying to keep costs down.

Any other Velocity rim users out there?