Velocity Dually Rim

45mm double walled and lightweight.

I’m not planning on buying a new rim any time soon but this looks like a great option for anyone who is.

Looks like a great rim. I’m not sure if it would be worth the extra money over KH or nimbus though.

I like Velocity rims, BUT they are expensive, the aluminum is soft, and the quality is so-so.

I wouldn’t pick a Velocity rim over another rim unless the Velocity was the only choice in that size.

At 45mm there are a couple other choices including the Rabbit Hole, KH Freeride, and the Nimbus D2.

For looks (if you like cut outs): KH
For 36h: Velocity or KH
For 32h: Velocity or Rabbit Hole
For weight: Velocity or Rabbit Hole
For tubeless: Rabbit Hole or Velocity
For strength: Nimbus D2
For combines strength, quality, and weight: Rabbit Hole

Ben, have you had any issues with your P35s?

It’s nice to have more wide rim options but I’m not sure I see the point of going with the Dually over a Rabbit Hole at only 25g weight difference. The Dually is double walled so may be stronger but I haven’t heard of anyone trashing a Rabbit Hole.

@ Davidp:

The Velocity rims are soft, so they scratch/gouge easy, the anodizing fades in the sun, and before you build a wheel there is the matter of getting all the little pieces of aluminum shavings (leftover from drilling) out of the rim.

They seem to be strong enough, I have yet to bend one, though I did struggle more to get the Velocity rims to stay round during the build. They are expensive for what you get, so I’m not sure I’d get another one if there were other options, say for instance if I could get a Halo 35mm width and the weight were comparable.

The most bomber rim I have built up is the Rabbit Hole. Don’t discount the Rabbit Hole as being single walled, it is way more than a single wall. Surly beefed up the double wall hook and sidewall, and retained a thick single wall for the spokes, so in essence they increase the strength in the portion of the rim that is responsible for making the rim strong. Also, the Rabbit Hole is some hard arse anodized aluminum!

The Rabbit Hole is coming out in a 26" for the Dirt Wizard tire, I will definitely use that rim for my fat 26er.