Velo seats and handles

Just a quick question to owners of the new velo seats- do you think it will be possible to drill holes to fit either the GB handle or the Reeder handle onto them? The only reference I could find was showcards rather extravagant solution :Hmmmm…I want one!!!

I’ve just ordered two unicycles both with velo seats as well as a reeder handle and a GB handle. I currently have bits and pieces of an old miyata + a CF miyata airseat. Should I swap one of those velos for a miyata with an airseat conversion instead? How does a velo compare with an airseat miyata? I have till tomorrow to change my order.


Ken :slight_smile:


I think it is definitely possible to fit a Velo with either the handles you mentioned, but you’re going to have to want to do it.

The Velo saddle covers are glued and stapled on, so you will likely have to remove these staples, pull back the padding, drill some holes, and then reattach the cover.

If you’re mechanically inclined, I don’t think this would be a terribly difficult operation. If you’re not, the Miyata will probably be an easier conversion. If you get the Miyata, definitely add the stiffening plate:
If possible, my first recommendation would be to put the handles on the carbon fiber base.

I manufacture both of the handles you mentioned. I am designing handles of both types that will be a direct replacement for the OEM Velo (as in no drilling, just removal of the OEM handle). At this time I do not know when these will be available, but it will likely be more than a month. I will receive my Velo next week and will then want to test the new handle extensively before making it available.

If you decide to modify a Velo, please post pictures and details of the modification here or email me at

Thanks George, you’re just the person I was hoping would reply to this thread. Actually, I think I will go with the two velos on my new MUni’s, and when they arrive see how mechanically inclined I’m feeling :slight_smile:

The reason I wanted both handles was to test them out on the CF airseat of my XC MUNi, and to keep the one that works best for me. I have a feeling that your GB handle would probably be more suited for my riding technique (ie two hands pushing down + stand and hammer). Anyhow I’m getting both (like I said I would months ago but never got around to :smiley:



Just thought of something, would it work to have a steel plate that had 7 holes drilled in it, 3 for the reeder/coker and 4 four the velo handle attachment area. then just bolt the handle to the plate and the plate to the seat? Any thoughts on that, or didnt that make any sense.