velo seat

just starting a new post to see if anyone knows what is up with this seat. when it come out matters, but i wanna ask any of you guys that got to try it: is it as wide as a miyata, or is it thinner?(i think jeff’s airseat was based on a viscount, thinner–now the miyata feels like a horse saddle to me) whats the handle like?is it gunna rip off like the miyata(nuthin a frankenyata fix wont solve)

the width is my main question thosince it isnt air, does it have to be wider to have enuf foam the make it comfy?

I sat on the Velo seat for about ten minutes with all of my weight on the seat, stationary, talking to Anne of the Unatics. I didn’t ride very much on it. I would like to ride for an hour on it or hear from someone who has.

From my 10 minutes using it as a Barcalounger I found it much more comfortable than any non-air saddle. I didn’t spend enough time on it to compare it to an air seat. I think it might be slightly wider than the Miyata in the center of the saddle. the handle was roomier and more comfortable and the saddle and saddle-handle interface didn’t feel flimsy like the Miyata.

If it turns out to be as comfortable as an air seat and costs $80 it will be a good deal. If the saddle costs $40, from my experience with it alone it will be an incredible bargain. If it costs less it will be a steal.

Re: velo seat

I rate the Velo as the comfiest (non-air converted) saddle I’ve tried. I too find the Miyata a bit wide but didn’t seem to have the same feeling from the Velo. Mind you since I did my Viscount air conversion I think the depth of the saddle makes a difference to how it feels and the Velo is fairly deep. I seem to have better control over the uni after I did the air conversion and I’ve put that down to the extra depth.

The handle is a little larger and has a better feel to it, as to strength we’ll just have wait and see.


i got to try a viscount regular today, still find it better than the miyata, and i know that it with an airseat conversion is better than the miyata(too bad about the sucky viscount non-handle tho, its the one thing i missed about the miyata) so now im stuck with a used miyata seat that i want to get rid of for a cheaper viscount, i might have even have been able to do the airseat conversion for less than the miyata seat :frowning: what should i do with this seat, sell it?