Velo saddle with Reeder handle

I’ve had a sample Velo seat for a few weeks and have been using it on my 29er. I’ve made a seat rail adapter for it that’s worked out very well so far but the seat doesn’t have a handle - just a bumper on the front. I really miss having a handle so I’ve been thinking about how to put one on.

I first thought about modifying one of my CNC Miyata handles to attach to the front of the Velo but that didn’t look too promising. Besides - the Velo handle is supposed to be really good so why re-invent the wheel? I decided to try to attach a Reeder type handle because I’ve never used one and want to try one. Plus, it would work well with the front bumper that’s already on the saddle.

I’ve been following the threads lately about how flexy the Velo seems to be and the question of mounting a stiffening plate. This morning I built a contraption that does it all: it’s a stiffening plate with seat rail adapter and Reeder type handle all-in-one. Here’s photos of it:

It’s a base plate that extends from the seat post screws to the nose of the saddle. The base plate is drilled for the four seat post screws and the two screws that hold the front bumper on. I attached seat post rails to the base plate and my own take on the Reeder handle. Everything is made from stainless steel. Ironically, I made this Reeder handle contraption while tending a CNC mill making Miyata replacement handles!

I gave it a good test ride this evening. I was prepared to not like the Reeder handle. It seemed goofy sticking out there and felt strange. I kept wanting to grab the front of the saddle rather than the handle. But … it didn’t take long to get used to it. I think I got the handle positioned just about right for me because it’s super comfortable. Now I know why some people swear by them. It’s great!

I was worried that the handle sticking out in front might gouge me somewhere during a UPD. In fact it did - it raked down the side of my leg right above the knee. I think i’ll cut about 1/2" off the handle and put some kind of rounded, smooth plug in the end of it. That should make it safer.

I feel a little flex when pulling hard on the handle. I suppose the base plate could be heavier (it’s #14 gauge sheet metal) but the slight flex didn’t bother me. Besides, the whole thing weighs 388 grams and I wouldn’t want to make it heavier for no good reason.

All in all I’m happy with the way this thing turned out. The jury is still out as far as the Velo saddle itself goes. I’ve adjusted the saddle angle from flat to extreme nose-up and haven’t yet found a way to make it as comfortable as my Miyata air saddle. While riding the Velo I’ve had some pains that I haven’t had since I ditched the SEM saddle a couple years ago. I’m not ready to pass judgement yet though.

Steve Howard

The seat base/rail adapter/handle is the best idea i have seen posted on here in a while.

I think copmbining all three of them into one part could vastly improve the strenght of the seat.

George B, get to work on a production model. heh heh heh heh.

I’m beginning to think that there is nothing you can’t do. You made this thing yesterday morning? What took you so long, did you have a power outage in the middle of the project? Good work, Steve. Any thoughts on an ambidextrous solution? The Reeder handle has always looked good for MUni, but George’s two handled handle bar system, although designed for distance riding, is truly ambidextrous.

Nicest piece of machining I’ve seen in a long time! Such an elegant solution to so many little problems.

I’ve been trying to come up with a handle design for my coker and your approach suggests all sorts of possibilities I hadn’t considered.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Velo saddle with Reeder handle

Ok, now I’m impressed


Here’s an update …

I’ve shortened the Reeder type handle by about 1/2" and installed a plastic plug in the end. I put the Velo saddle with Reeder handle on my MUni and went for a proper off-road ride yesterday. It works really well … I could become a true believer in the Reeder handle!

An ambidextrous handle could be made and I’m sure it would look like the GB handle. Part of what makes the Reeder handle so nice though, is the angle of the handle matches the natural position of the hand and wrist. That angle couldn’t be achieved with an ambidextrous handle without the handle ending up real wide. I think (but I might be wrong) that the handle shouldn’t be any wider than the nose of the saddle for MUni.

Thanks for the positive comments on this!

Steve Howard

reeder handle 4.jpg

Holy snot! That is one nice seat!
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you should put a grip on it.

For the Reeder handle I’m sure this is true because of the experience I’ve had with mine positioning and trimming it. With a handle that had ergo-curved tubing that provided a smooth interface to the legs I imagine that there would be a little more leeway.

The craftmanship is great, the sadle looks sweet, etc- but what totaly blows me away is that you got the cover off in one piece! WOW- talk about an excersize in patience! Did you do all that with the scalpel?


Hmmm, nice. If you ever decide to make a production version put me down for one!

BTW, if you made the base stiff enough, then perhaps all you would need is an airpillow and Roach cover and rear bumper for an all in one seat? Would make for a lightweight integrated seat as it would eliminate all the attachments/screws for a reeder handle and wilder bracket.