Velo Saddle Handle?

I took delivery of my Nimbus 28’’ this week and soon found that I was missing that all important handle as I am a compulsive handle holder, so have ordered the handle that comes with the KH seat for my velo saddle. I know that the KH handle needs four bolts to fix on to the saddle and the velo comes with only two so I was wondering if anyone knows how easy it is to get under the cover and padding to fit the two extra bolts without causing mass saddle destruction.


I tried it and it’s fairly easy. Just use a screwdriver or something similar to take out the minimum amount of staples required to lift the front of the foam up. I assume you have bolts that will fit? If you have a KH or old velo you wanna tear up, the bumper bolts fit in the holes perfectly, but they aren’t hard to find in hardware shops. The holes in the base are hexagonal to the halfway point so the bolts must be hexagonal to sit flush and not spin, unless you have another method.

Put some tape over the bolts to stop them disappearing into the foam. Use a contact adhesive around the edge of the cover where the staples were and put the handle on. This should hold it firmly as the adhesive sets.

Remeber this won’t be nearly as stiff as a regular KH as there’s no stiffener plate. If the seat is unused, ask if you can swap it and pay the difference for a matching KH.

Good luck!

Thanks for that, I hope it will be strong enough, I’m hoping that I wont have to pull on it quite as hard as I do when Muniing, as sometimes when decending lumpy downhills I seem to have to hold on for dear life.


I had that same set up on my 29er, but I now use a GB4 handle and CF base and the stiffness is so much more helpful when pulling up. I find myself pulling up a lot harder when going fast, I don’t know if this is what most people do, but it didn’t feel comfy on a flimsy base.