Velo + Roach Air Conversion...'The Sofa' ???!???

Well, it had to be done.

I didn’t bother taking any pics along the way, as I figured I’d be throwing the ‘Brian-ed’ seat away, but I managed to air convert the ol’ Velo, and man is it comfy!

I don’t know why the pics turned out so crappy though.

All I did was do the basic air-conversion posted in so many miyata posts, only this time with the Velo.

One minor thing is that I sliced the top inch of foam off the block, and trimmed the edges. Very poor workmanship on that, let me tell ya! (I have no electric carving knife. Electric carving knives are great for carving foam)

Anyways, here are some crappy pics of the finished (well, ‘good-enough’ product)

Oddly, I’m happy with the outcome and I ruined nothing.

edit: the camera was on the ‘economy’ setting
edit: I used the top inch of foam in the finished product

It will be available for testing at the 2003 Harper Ride in Hardwood hills, Saturday Nov 15th at 1pm Presented by the London Unicycling Club.

Watch out for the “boy’s”

I did mine a while ago and found it to be way more comfortable then the stock seat. Something I noticed was a space between the cover and the front handle that could be damaging to the boys (haven’t had a problem yet though).


Hmmm, I didn’t notice that.

What I did notice though, is that my little hole in the handle is now blocked. This is a good thing. In my 180 Suicide attempts, I had a finger slide down into that hole and almost snap in a failed mount. (I forgot about that one when I told everyone you probably won’t get hurt…although it didn’t snap, so I’m still honest)

I have no experience with any kind of prolonged time with this mod…how is it after an hour or so?

I’d like to do that too. I just can’t find any seat covers at local shops. At least seat covers for uni seats. And I don’t want to pay shipping for only one cover. I’ll just have wait until I break something. Maybe I don’t ride hard enough. :roll_eyes:

How did it turn out comfort-wise?

("Oh and that rim! :))

Test Ride: MUni

Very confortable, don’t see comfort being an issue at all. Signifiganyl more comfy than the already comfy stock version.

Test Ride: Trials

After a 2 hour session of trials, the seat is comfortable, and now easier to grip than the stock version. Downside…The handle and the bumper now have more prominant edges, and my upper thighs are surface scratched. Not painful, but noticable. I don’t know yet if a slight modification will help this, I just got home.

Test Ride: Drops


So far:

It appears it will make a great all around seat, but if I were to put a seat on my trials one, I still think my favourite is the Miyata with Roach cover. (I have no experience with a CF base or new Rock’s Air cover, but I’m sure they are awesome)