Velo/Nimbus Gel Saddle Modification?

Hello users of the forum,

         Just curious -- is there any cheap way to modify this saddle to make it more comfortable? I know I listed two, but they are essentially the same. The problem I have isn't with the width, but that it puts too much pressure on my crotch and makes me go to sleep, if you know what I mean, lol. I saw a modification for a different saddle (Don't remember brand) and they cut a strip out of the foam down the middle, but I'm not sure if this would be possible on this saddle, considering it's gel.


there is a searh feature in the toolbar. use it and search for saddle comfort modify etc. there are many threads that will answer your question.

I think that was MuniAddict who hogged out a channel in a saddle. I’ve only had the cover off of a Fusion Free Ride so I can’t really help with a gel saddle. Some people like the channels, for me they don’t do much. More better, I learned to stand up and pedal when my taint needs a break.

I’ve on modded a Qu-Ax saddle by removing some foam, adding softer foam on top and cuttting a channel down the middle. This resulted in not perfect but a vast improvement on the standard saddle.
I also have a nimbus gel and I know what you mean about pressure on the crotch. I have never opened it up to see if it could be modded effectively, try searching to find about mods for the nimbus gel.

I’ve modded my Muni saddle that used to be a Coker Saddle (like the Nimbus High Top) and it’s the most comfy seat I have! I tried to cut it like a Freeride and it ended up better than my freeride:p

I just took a knife and started to cut through my foam.