Various unicycle references from the press

Stojko and guests will entertain, not challenge

Michael Scott
Vancouver Sun
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23 November 2002
Vancouver Sun
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Resistance, contrary to popular belief, is not futile. Resistance, at least the kind that exists between an idea and the effort required to express it, is the basis of all significant art; without resistance you might have prettiness, or politeness, or decoration, but you will not have much of anything worth thinking about.

Figure skating has a particular problem with this kind of resistance, because even at the highest international levels of the sport, it is all about gliding, gliding, gliding, punctuated by a limited repertoire of airborne tricks. There is no physical resistance in skating, and consequently there is no real art, although thousands of fans would disagree. Oh, but what about Kurt and Katarina and Kristi, people will say, are these not artists? No, I would reply (ducking behind the rinkside boards for safety), they are circus performers, not so different from the lady who swings on the trapeze or the man who rides his unicycle through hoops of fire


How our convicts are put through their paces - unicycling, fashion designing and skipping rope.

By Stella Lee.
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4 December 2002
South China Morning Post
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The talents of prison inmates - ranging from unicycling and dragon dancing to rope skipping and fashion designing - were given full flight last night in a variety performance which cost $430,000 of public money to stage.

More than 130 inmates took part in the show at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai. An invited audience of 2,000 community leaders, prison officials and family members watched.



Ericka Souter
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16 December 2002
Vol. 58, Issue: 25
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'Tis the season to be jolly well thoughtful, so we asked some stars to recall memorable gifts of holidays past.

Rupert Grint (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets): I got a unicycle one time. I liked it but I can’t do it. But no matter what I get, I always pretend that I like it.

Grint plays Ron Weasely, I believe - RL


Thief on a unicycle?

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20 November 2002
Newsquest Media Group Newspapers: This is brightonhove
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To the person who stole the back wheel of my bike outside the Brighton Dome the other night, I assume you are a [Bunicyclist[/B].

Anyway, good luck on your one-wheelie endeavour. I hope you get to where you are going.

-Oliver Tate, London Road, Brighton


I didn’t make any of this stuff up.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ