Various ISIS Cranks - Kris Holm Moments 110 and 137

I have a few virtually unused crank sets from back when I was messing around with various unicycle sizes and deciding on personal crank preferences.

Kris Holm Moments 110 mm - mint - $40
Kris Holm Moment 137 mm - mint - $40
QU-AX 125i - mint - $15
QU-AX 145i - mint - 2 sets at $15 each

They’re all from around 2013.

I’m in Burlington, Ontario. I can ship within Canada and to the US. Buyer pays shipping.

QU-AX 125i and Kris Holm 137 Moments are both pending sales. Others are still available.

Remaning cranks for sale are:

Kris Holm Moments 110 mm - mint - $40
QU-AX 145i - mint - $15

Shipping to US via USA Air is about $10

Just PM’ed about the 110’s. Thanks.

Excellent.payment sent.thanks.:slight_smile:

Only the QU-AX 145i cranks remain. $15 plus $10 shipping to US.