Variety Video

In the last few days I was filming…So this is what it is.


Please Leave Feedback


That vid had some decent riding in it.

Filming and editing was good too.

I would’ve chosen a different song, but that’s because I’m The Doors fan and that remix wasn’t much to my liking.

Generally, well done! Keep it up!

I wish I knew about unicycling when I was 13…!

I liked it! Nice variety and cool riding areas you got there. Also good music choice, although I prefer the Doors in their original form, but still cool.

Thanks everyone. More feedback please still though…

Yes I had to travel down to that place on the rocks. But I was down there anyways, only 15 minutes away…

i personally didn’t like the vid that much. You release vids so often that there is no huge improvement, so you loose a lot of wow factor. the riding was good, the filming was good, but it just wasn’t to my taste.

:stuck_out_tongue: Haha no problem. I dont care. My next movie will be in the late fall or winter…So dont worry not too many more…

If you look at this video…please give comments…so then i know what i can work on for my next movie

work on what you want to work on. why do you care so much about what people think.
as for the riding, it was pretty mediocre.

Ohhh really!!! :astonished: :smiley: THank you! exactly what i wanted to hear!

Oh my gosh…frig…your a jerk.

Your best vid, Keep improving!

i’m not a yes man my friend

Thank you. :slight_smile:

k im sorry i over spazed. Its just thats a really rude comment. :wink: :angry: :o

look, that was constructive critsism. you can take from that,“hey my hopp hight is rather small, and i’ve got lots of prehops, maybe i should work out the kinks before i make another vid”. it wasn’t being mean, it was simply not kissing ass.

Wow, you are taking what he typed the wrong way. I dont think he thinks what people really care. All he is doing, was asking for advice, little tips to improve his riding, his filming, whatever.

That why these forums exists, thats why you can post comments.

Have you ever asked any questions for help? On anything? Im pretty sure you have. Even if your not actually saying it, but just watching it on video or reading it, it is the same thing that he is doing.

Just trying to get a little bit of help.

wow man you really want to hit isaac as hard as you can with critsism, and by the way some people have been riding longer than others so if your better than isaac you don’t have to stuff it in his face. :thinking:

by the way Isaac the was your best video yet I loved it i liked the gliding. And different locations other than just your

Pretty nice, I especially liked the rolling unispin off the curb.

As far as working on stuff, just get better at everything you want. Jump higher and farther for trials, things like that.

Editing was fine… Maybe just don’t use as many fade-outs to black, for instance, the fade out at 1:41 was unessacary. If you cut the video there, you could probably use some other kind of transition, such as a “fade”.

Nice work Isaac, a big improvement from your previous videos I reckon. Good work on the gliding especially.

You did a good job of the editing and I like the fade-to-black effect but I agree with forrestunifreak. You should use effects sparingly.

Anyway yea good stuuf I enjoyed it. Just work on what you want to. Challenge yourself

Great video, Isaac!
Good riding, music, and editting.
Try to keep your prehops down. Or edit them out… they’re not interesting to watch in videos.
On leg wraps, try to keep it tighter in and faster. I find puttng seat in front a bit more helps.
I like your segways, fades and shots of your unicycle.
And at 1:47 how you let the background go fast.