Varial Roll

Hi all. I’m trying to learn varial roll, but they seem impossible for me at the moment. I hop, then while I’m doing the first half of rolling wrap I try to turn 180 degrees with the uni, but I always fall off the uni.

Do anyone have any tips about how to land them? I’ll be very happy :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

Varial rolls are actually impossible to learn.

Just kidding, but not really. :stuck_out_tongue: It took me 3 concentrated hours to get my first one, and now, a year later, they still aren’t as consistent as I’d like. I haven’t heard any good tips, I think you just have to practice them a lot. Try and make the whole thing one flowy motion though, pausing between pushing the tire and stepping around is more difficult than just letting your momentum carry you. Also, as soon as you’ve stepped around, get both your hands on the seat, so you can do the 180 unispin as soon as the roll finishes and (hopefully) before you’ve lost your balance.

Thanks Julia, your answer is very exhaustive!
I hope to land varial rolls very soon, cause I’m trying them since the beginning of October, I think, and now I’m a bit tired :slight_smile:

Btw, when I’ll land them I’ll tell you.