Varial Roll Tutorial


I have seen the Relentless by Fate Varial Roll video on Youtube, but it’s not a tutorial. I want to be able to do this trick, but i need a few tips to get it right.


Maybe you should upload a few tries so we can see what you’re doing right and wrong and try to give you some tips on it :wink:

Not sure about uploading videos as my video camera is centuries old! I can get my leg around onto the tyre but then I cant push the tyre with my foot without falling off. I am aware that you need your foot actually on the pedal arm to stop the wheel rotating.

I think I just need a bit more practise :smiley:

Can you do rolling wraps? If not, it would be a good idea to learn those before you try to learn varial rolls. And you’re right, it’s all about practice.

No I can’t do rolling wraps, I’ll try that first! Thanks!:smiley: