Varial Roll Help Me, Please!

I want to learn this trick so very much, but let me tell you, without instruction, it’s a doozie. Instruction is great, but a tutorial video would kick ass, and we could throw it in the ‘tutorials’ thread and make everyone happy.

And if I named the trick wrong, let me describe it: Do 1/2 of a Rolling Wrap, then reach the tire-kicking foot around the tire and step on the cranks (with your foot facing BACKWARD?!) then swing your body a full 360 around the uni.

Thanks for your help,

Idk man, there’s really no shortcuts to that trick, it’s just freaking hard. You should probably have rolling wraps on lock before working on it, and even still it sucks to learn. There’s no tutorial that I know of, but here’s a clip of one so you can see what you’re trying:

I’m stuck not being able to get the last 90 degrees on that one. I have only been able to land it once. I’m getting close to having it though.

He steps on the second crank BEFORE letting off of the first one? With his foot BACKWARDS!

I don’t think I’m capable of that, for no other reason than that I cannot turn my foot backwards 150o! I may have to learn this trick JUMPING onto the other crank. Tell me FMK, do you jump or just place your foot down? And either way, please describe in a few words what that’s all about.

P.S. Who is that kid? Is he on these forums?

His forum name is theunihopper he also has a YouTube channel with alot of flatland vids.

It’s a switch, one comes off as the other goes on. Try to turn your body more as you put your foot down that way you aren’t trying to turn your foot all the way around.

im sooo close! just have to get the jump back on

I’m finally getting good at this, i had to focus on letting the seat get lower(think table top) on the second roll, it gave me a better spot to stand, but it makes it hard because you can’t let the seat get too low or its hard to pull back up.

The jump around still sucks, but it is getting easier, and its worked wonders on doing just a varial.

What really helped me on getting the last hop around was to focus on getting my other hand back on the seat really fast after I started the second roll. That way it was easier for me to just go for the varial/180 unispin as soon as the second roll was finished. I dunno, might help you guys. :slight_smile:

Funny about that, i did the exact same thing when practising them ages ago and it worked well. I haven’t practised them in ages, i can do the roll fine still, but getting back on i can’t do. I wreckon your post has reminded me how I did get back on, so may go try and actually land one again. :slight_smile:

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