Varial Roll Competition

Hey guys I have been working on varial rolls but I need some motivation to practice them.


  1. Cannot have landed one before.
  2. Must be on video.

The competition starts once three people join.
Can somebody make the signature trophys?

Im in, I was just starting to work on my varial roll anyway.

I’m in!

I’m in for sure!

attempting varial rolls I broke my Kneecap some months ago…¬¬ lol

Shoot thats terrible! :astonished: Are you in though?

Sweet guys! There are enough people so lets start!:smiley:

I’m in

I figured out how to make the medals so no one needs to make them:D

I’ll be in. :smiley:

I’m in!


I did it!

Great job man!:smiley:

Thanks! Good luck to everyone!

I got it!:smiley:

Vimeo did not seem to be working so here it is on youtube.

Good job!