Varial, huh?

It’s been a long time since my last visit here. Basicaly what I wanted to know was some stuff about a varial.

Varial: Is it a trick on it’s own? Or is it just part of varial flip or varial roll?

If it is a trick, what are the prerequisites to do it? More important, what exactly is it?

And how should I learn it, a few tips are welcome.

a varial is a varialflip without a flip…

a 180 hoptwist + 180 outspin = varial.

To learn it learn how to outspin (if you cannot) and also how to smallspin (180 unispin + 180 hoptwist).

Then do it with a sloppy 180 hoptwist and just improve the twist in your 180…

I learned varials before I learned smallspins(probably because I can’t even do a smallspin). I found that starting seat in made the 180 much easier, and the outspin required to just jump a little higher. Then again, I outspin the same direction I hoptwist SI and opposite SIF.

can somebody just give me a quick over view of a:
small spin
im too sure on the differences, the way the uni spins, ect

Outspin is a unispin from seat in (SI) to seat in front (sif)

Smallspin is a 180 unispin and a 180 hoptwist in the same direction (both clockwise or both counter clockwise)

Varial is a smallspin from si to sif (or a smallspin with a outspin instead of a unispin)

cheers man, only just starting to learn tricks. The names are so confussing :stuck_out_tongue:

This was quite helpful, thank you :slight_smile: