VanUni: Worst of 2007

VanUni failures of 2007 :slight_smile:

Hopefully I caught your favorite vanuni moment from 2007

That was good…but it wasnt all falls? Weird music…

Looked ouchy.


cool stuff you did there. how can you say thats the worst of 2007 when some of the stuff you did was great. the bit where you fell in the pond was funny

hahaha best part is at 2:53

Tynan’s fall was the funniest ever!


Totally the best.

I still find the pond bit funny. It’s classic UPD. It makes me wish I lived on the edge :roll_eyes:

Which one? :slight_smile: …

I like the ones at 4:25 and at 0:47 …

The backflip into the water was hilarious.
He shaved his hair? ewwwwww.:slight_smile:

I’d love to come down to vancouver some time.

By far the best video for ages! :slight_smile:

I would have called that the best of VanUni. There seemed to be more good than bad in the whole thing. It was a neat vid.

I can’t wait to come up there after Unicon :slight_smile:

great video everyone.

:sunglasses: :smiley:


I thought it was going to be all poor shots, but somehow funny, all UPD’s, or a combination of the two.

Can’t wait for you (or anyone) to come :slight_smile: … it’s great having riders visit. Drop us a line to give us a heads up when you know when you’ll be here (weekends are by far the best).


  • James

James once had a bounce there too, but forwards, hitting his helmet on a rock.

Ryan had one other fall I didn’t get into the video
At 1:08 in this video

Its an obscure Crystal Method CD - sound track from “London”.
There are some technical hitches toward the end… not sure what happened there.
I like their songs for the beat/pace, and the lyrics matched up with content - reckless … maybe reckful would be more like it :slight_smile:

My favorite is 4:25 - Tynan going head first off the bridge. Ouch!
This video was made with clips from more than 30 vanuni videos last year. My favorites were Salvation, Red vs Blue, and Circus.