vanuni - UNIverCITY

Muni at Simon Fraser University

As I drove up Burnaby Mountain, I noticed signs for Univer City, which is hard to enunciate properly.
We did this ride Nov 1.
I did it as a day trip up from Seattle.
Caine came down from Squamish.
Bonus: Included is my favorite clip from a future episode of Open House.

blinging :smiley:

nice skills:)

Thats cool that the college let you ride there. Last college I “rode” at I got kicked out of.
Nice riding and cool song!

Around the campus, sometimes they shoo us away.
The mountain bike trails are totally okay to ride, of course.

Cool video. No rain this time ? :wink: Excellent riding again, and such cool places to go riding. You make me very jealous… :slight_smile:

nods very very nice !

It was a nice day, but it was wet enough to make you think twice about that log.
Fortunately unicycles have better traction than shoes.

smiles thanks!

The Vancouver Sun just put up a photo gallery which includes 2 soggy unicyclists :slight_smile:

If you’re trying to figure out who they are, this video is a handy reference
“Thats my Name”