VanUni: Thats my Name

12 riders came out to Sunset Beach: 6 of them for the first time.
So I got them to say their names on video so I’d remember who they are… only to realize I dont know how to spell them.

Filmed on my new camera… Canon SX200IS. Works pretty good for a cheap compact eh?
This will be the last camera I buy this summer! :slight_smile:
I went thru 4 cameras last year.

Comments always encouraged.

Nice video!

Was ‘DAL’ the guy in the Vancouver Sun awhile ago?

Good stuff folks. Looked like you had a beauty of a day for it. Some groovy lines in their, eh?

I don’t get the Sun… is it online?
It wouldnt surprise me… He rides around that seawall an aweful lot… put something like 5000 km on his Coker since getting an odometer.
When people stop him, he has a paper handouts with some information about unicycling and his contact info.
He doesn’t really come out for the rides… just times his ride to pass by us, says hi, and keeps on going.

We do love those logs. You were talking about the logs right :slight_smile:

Dude your videos are always top notch. :sunglasses:

nice Trial!!!:wink:

Thanks Tom and Enoch

I checked with Dal, and here’s what he had to say:

“Yes, that was me and my riding buddy Alvin. Alvin is famous as the guy (there may be two) who commutes, by uni, daily over the Burrard Bridge. I had never met Alvin before the photo and I haven’t seen him since.”

Yep, that’s the picture. Thanks!:smiley:

I tried to look it up online but couldn’t find it:o