VanUni: Sunshine Coast Raw muni footage

Muni ride from last weekend at Sunshine Coast.

This is completely uneditted, and 25 minutes long.
I’ll try to edit it down to a reasonable length. But last time I posted a long uneditted copy, some people liked that.


nice! you guys have such cool trails up there

Awww… google vid dosn’t work for me.

Definitely a winner style. Thanks!

Is there no longer a way to save google vids? If so, it’s a shame. I tried uni57’s approach but it was unworkably slow, at least for my setup.

Google and YouTube are the same technology… flash video 8, which is vp6. So maybe need a flash update?
I used google because

  1. it allows more then 10 minutes
  2. its slightly higher quality than youtube.

Google lets you save an ipod style mp4. Its kinda low resolution.

I’ve got another 5 minutes of footage, from a 3rd camera. It would be easier to make a feature film than edit it down to 30 minutes down to 3 minutes!

This is my favorite scene. A cool looking drop/bridge, and Tynan falling head first off it


The editted / short version is now on youtube

Google lets you save an ipod style mp4.

Actually, this only works on low resolution videos… which kinda defeats the purpose!
For example, on this one
has a ‘Download’ for ‘Video iPod/Sony PSP’

The long video shows a lot of mistakes… but mostly lame ones.
The short version has the best crashes.
If you’re looking for muni riding tips, though, you might want to watch the long one for what works, and what doesnt work, on some of the obstacles.

Check out the teeter totter in the background! Crazy


i was wayching trout lake and that first fall into the water was funny…haha:p :smiley:

You can’t tell from that angle, but the teeter doesn’t connect to the bridge, it stops mid air and there’s about a 6 foot gap to the bridge. If it was connected we would have ridden it… :slight_smile:

The edited footage is much more watch-able … great job Frank!

The short was great just like all your others. Would have been nicer w/ higher res. So far I’m liking the long better :smiley:

Is that a slack bridge @ 5:50?

At what point in the vid?

Sorry if it’s super obvious, I’m only at 6 min. right now.

How long was the ride? Miles and hours.

Frank, is one big reason why the resolution is low, because the woods are too dark for easily made good video?

Tynan keeps improved his fall skills.
If anyone needs a stunt guy to do all the falls at the end of your video, Tynan’s your guy. :slight_smile:

In this sunshine coast ride (raw version) at 6 min 42 seconds
Tynan does the head first dive off the bridge, making use of his helmet again.


James asks
why didnt I include discombobulator in the short version?

I dont know which section that was. I tried to keep all the unique locations. It was probably blurry or boring. I had to cut 5 out of 6 shots to get it down to 4 minutes.

slilewis says ‘liking the long version’
On one hand, I’m insulted you dont like my editted version.
On the other, I appreciate you like to see everything we do.
And on 3rd hand, I wished I’d at least fixed up the black screens and included Ryan’s footage.
I dunno about other folks making videos, but I typically have to cut 5:1… which means lots of great stuff on the cutting room floor. I figure the silent majority want a short and sweet video. But its not hard to provide a full length video.
One thing I liked is sharing several songs I ruled out for primary videos.

skilewis asks why low res
several reasons

  1. footage was shot by other people (James/Jon/Laurie)
  2. transcoding from quicktime to cinepak to wmv
    3 compression set to default
  3. posted to youtube
  4. ryan rides so fast, he’s a blur :slight_smile:
    Since you care, I’ll post the best version I can to uncyclist.

I’m surprised noone has comment on the music. In both long and short versions, I thought the music would be controversial


It should have been labeled “less edited”.:slight_smile: I was expecting long sections of nothing going on and no music, similar to an “unedited” version of anther vid you put on hear a while ago.

It would be appreciated.

I liked the music in both, esp. the Weird Al song :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like there were several (at least one) non-rider camera operators. Who?

Has anyone other than Kris ridden those trails (or any of the others that are frequently in your vids) on a 26 or 29? How successfully?

Best quality edited version. 41 MB

This version eliminates the black dots from cinepak and increases resolution/quality.

trivia - the source for this is 20 GB.
I actually didnt ride or film this one. Which is a first for me. But I enjoy making and seeing these videos, and like your feedback.

Ya, cool eh. In the short version I put it at the end, partially so you can hear the chains.

2 days on the long weekend.
We like to joke that our typical ride is 100 meters. Usually about 4 hours.

Yes, thats a factor. Muni is hard on cameras… its dark, the complexity of tree’s is hard on digital compression, auto focus is confused, and the camera needs to move.
Jon and James’ cameras aren’t quite as good as mine.
Optical stabilization helps reduce blur.
Motion jpeg, compresses less than mpeg/quicktime.

I didnt remove any pictures or clips… I just dropped them all in. No sequencing, video effects etc
My first step is to find music. So I tried a range of styles to see what matches.
At that point I thought, its a lot of good footage, some cool songs, and its late… its going to take a long time to edit 25 minutes down to 4… lets release it.
So I put some titles on it and posted it. I was kinda surprised google let me post 25 minutes worth.
I figured it would keep people that were asking for the video happy long enough, that I could edit a nice version.

Another factor is that the people that filmed it, dont normally film. So they just film the basics. When I film, I take a lot of extra footage… I start the camera early, stop it late. Once in awhile, I catch something priceless. And I take extra establishing shots and outtakes. All of which edits down to a slightly cooler video. But if you view my raw footage, its got a lot more junk.

I’ve been wanting to use Weird Al, but just cant find the right This was the best song I’ve had in mind. But thanks for that feedback. I’ll try to use one of his songs again sometime. My fountains video from last Oct uses ‘white and nerdy’

For the final edit, I went with a controversial pop tune. controversial because Britney made a fool of herself at the awards, and before that, and most people lambaste the song.
But my DJ morning radio guy (Kit Carson) defended the song, saying… “but you know, if you listen to it enough, its kinda catchy.”
and his evil but sexy cohost who was playing the bad cop, admitted she danced to it.
So I checked it out, and sure enough, its intially cheezy, but it matched the video. The lyrics “gimme more”, made sense, because I had so much footage.
Although I think this song will ultimately do well, I generally pick pop songs for pop videos… I didn’t expect this video “Cunning Stunts” to be popular for more than 3 days.

Ryan’s mom, Laurie, does about 1/2 the filming. She makes a few priceless comments, which I edited around in the final video.
Its Jon’s and James’ cameras, so I assume if they’re not in the clip, that they filmed it.
I’ve yet to see Tynan pick up a camera. If he did, he’d probably drop it :slight_smile:

I know I should give some credits at the end, but I’m going thru an artistic phase. Speilburg was fined a $1million for not putting credits at the start of starwars. I like that I can start and end the video dramatically.
With credits, I need to put some boring footage. Or outtakes.
Another reason is I typically spend several hours coming up with witty credits. I’d probably have creditted James as the discombobulator
Laurie Cameravoman
Tynan stunt double

When James suggested its a 6 ft gap, I was thinking… ya okay… noone is doing “air” in muni today… but someday, our children will be. You just need a lot of speed and/or stupidity. The KH29 XC might be up to it. or in he future, the geared 24, which Kris has done muni with.
Anyway, I think Kris has been there, but I know Ryan has been there twice. He had a cool video posted, but we’re having technical problems on the vanuni site, so I cant give you the link

Lyrics in final cut
Britney: “its Britney bitch”
Laurie: “Ya! Keep going… try doing the next one; nobody’s done that yet. Ever. Except maybe Kris”
Britney: “Walking the dog like nobodies around”
Laurie: “okay stop!”
(dramatic pause)
Chorus: “Gimme more”
Stranger: “the incredible lygo… the legendary [Mr James Hargrave] haha… and the unstopable danja. ah, youre goin’ to have to remove me, cuz I ain’t goin’ nowhere”



That is SO much better:)

Now, how do I download that again? I tried right clicking on the link, but it only copied the link.

cool. unicyclists in vancouver :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello. My name is marie, i come from germany and i’m going to parksville for half an year (28.1. - 1.7.)
I’d like to meet some unicyclers in this time and wanted to ask, if you perhaps want to meet me and cycle with me. I’m 15 years old :wink:
her you can see a video from me:
I would be happy to get a pm :]

Hey Marie,
you sure dug up an old video! That one is on sunshine coast.
Parksville is on Vancouver Island. Theres a few riders near Victoria, but I dont know about further north. Bry or Justin might know.
Will you be in Vancouver at all?
Of course we love to get visitors and show you the north shore.
vanuni’s maillist is
I’d suggest trying that to see if anyone knows Parksville, and warn us when you’re in town.

I want to go to vancouver for a few times. :wink:
But it would be great if you could ask around, if there are any unicyclists. Thank you :wink:
who are bry or justin?
greetings marie

bry runs the Victoria unicycle club, and Justin lived there until recently too.

There are many unicyclist in Vancouver… I think about 150 on the maillist, but a dozen really active ones.
There is a beginner ride at Science World every wednesday at 7.
and everyweekend or two website has some info and how to get on the maillist.
Send us an email when you plan to come and we’ll arrange a ride for ya.