VanUni: "Stronger"

Muni at Mt Fromme


wow, nice video


That was awsome, I’d love to get into muni.

What is good for muni? What size tire?

24 X 3.00 IMO

We all ride 24" x 3" wheel… except Ryan, who just switched to the KH24XC, which is 24" x 2.6" and 1 lb lighter.

20" trips you up on rock/potholes/roots too easily.

For muni you need a unicycle that is harder, better, faster, stronger :slight_smile:



What’s the age range of the riders in the video? One guy looks like he might be in my age range; but then again, it’s hard to tell for sure. And I don’t know who’s who.:o

in my opinion

You know the pond in there? The one with the teeter over it? I feel in that.

Hey Frank,

Not true on the wheelsizes in the group. I have always rode a 24" x 2.6". You have a more manoverability on the 2.6" in comparison to the 3.0" but it is a little bit more difficult to roll over obstacles.

I’ve also ridden the same trails with a 20", it requires more hopping, but definitely still a blast!

As for age ranges, 15-35, if I’m not mistaken. There are also some riders in the club who are not as regular that are 45+. Harper actually used to ride with us, though not in quite a while.


Vimeo version

“Stronger” is the most popular vanuni videos, so I thought I should post a higher quality version, for those that care, or missed the youtube version.

At the very end Tynan makes a spectacular faceplant… thats on Pipeline.
It gets almost everyone. This weekends ride was the first time I even tried it… but I only did the first 2 big drops, not the last.
it looks bigger in real life


Thank you for that. I love all the vanuni vids and its great to see one in decent quality.
Great bails Tynan! Was good to meet and ride with Tynan at hamfest earlier this year. Wish we had some stuff like that to ride over here!


Dude your videos are first class, Nice playground too

I’ve still got scars from that faceplant actually, I will say though, I have successfully rode that section now :smiley: (though not on video unfortunately)

Hamfest was a blast! Hopefully I can make it out to another one and ride with you guys again!

Ryan - always easy to spot (almost always wears the same thing in their vids) - '05 KH, running shoes, blue shorts, yellow shirt, dark mtb style helmet.

Anso - KH, red jacket (In the running for best MUni woman IMO)

Tynan - chrome uni.

John - red uni (may have that one wrong).

I always have a hard time spotting Frank (I bet because he’s usually fiming).

I can never get enough of VanUni :sunglasses:

Man … that was tough! Hellacious ridin’ seen there. Looks like a darn fun ride.

youtube has disabled this video, siting copyright music.