VanUni: Squamish

Squamish (muni), Sunset Beach trials, and tamed giraffe

Squamish is best known for its mountain climbing. But its also got some great mountain bike trails, similar to the north shore.
We had 3 visitors (Eyal, Josh and Dennis) from California up, for what they call the second annual munifest. The first one was the time Kris hurt his knee. Kris, AnSo and I were there from Vanuni.
Sam from UK came for a ride at Fromme.

Theres a bit of footage from sunset beach, and riding 2 giraffes around the driveway - a 5 footer, and a 9 foot giraffe.


Here’s the youtube, but its not nearly as pretty and doesn’t sound as good as Vimeo.

Thanks vanpaun! Eyal, Josh and Dennis are all great riders. Dennis had a broken foot, and a metal plate in his shoe, but it didn’t slow him down.

Kris rides this teeter totter at 2m48s


Quite a ridin’ spot and mighty fine Muni.
I liked it a lot!

Squimish Is AWESOME I was in Brackendale Last Summer…


Know any other Squamish trails you’d recommend for muni?

Not to my best of recolection… I was only there a breif time…

Cool MUni video as always. The Northshore stuff is great.

those trails are all looking so much fun to ride. there were some really technical lines especially some northshore parts seemed difficult to ride. ahh and nice to see girls riding in tough terrain.

i really have to come over to you guys for a ride as soon as i have money for the flight let :roll_eyes:

good video, enjoyed watching