VanUni: Spin

Trials at the Olympic Village near Science World, with JamesG, JamesH, Jon, AnSo and myself.

The first half was filmed on a fancy camera.
After the battery was died, I switched to the usual compact camera. Can you see a difference?
The HDV camera has 3 deficiencies

  1. fragile and expensive… no good for muni.
  2. interlaced. I wrote my own deinterlace software.
  3. mpeg2 at 20mbits… not so great quality for 1080i resolution.

Editing HD on a Mac is relatively easy, but I had grief with deinterlacing and submitting to youtube.

I called it “spin”, because AnSo’s got a very crisp unispin, and we tried to do 3 of us doing unispins at once.
Theres a remake of the “you spin me round” on the radio, but I prefer the classic one hit wonder version by dead or alive.
And JamesH did a goofy spinny chair thing.

The picture below was a white balance mistake on the camera. It came out kinda artistic.
Comments/discussion always encouraged.



great video!:smiley: i recognized that place!!

are you guys in a club that meets regularly or just some friends?

Ive been around there. I hope I can ride with you guys sometime this summer!

Fun video.

Thanks! Thats a great place to ride… its like they made it for unicycling.
VanUni is the Vancouver Unicyclist Club.
Visit for some info. In particular, join the yahoo maillist, so you’ll know when/where to ride.

This Sunday, we’re doing muni, Sunday 1:15pm
Here’s a simplified google map link,-123.027713
Theres an “Inter River Bike Park” there. Also known as North Shore Bike Park.
It looks like a good place to park, meet and muck about.
If you do a search for “North Shore Bike Park” while on Google Maps, you’ll see a video. I’ve included enough map so you can see the #1 and Seymour Parkway.

AnSo is actually quite tall, but thru the magic of Lord of the Rings technology, I’ve made her look like a hobbit. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comment. I think I speak for all unicyclist that post videos - we don’t get paid for this, except thru your praise.
Even a critical or lame comment is better than nothing at all.

We’d love to have more visitors. I’d like to think that my videos show that Vancouver has some great stuff to ride and have contributed to unicycle tourism in the region :slight_smile:
Email when you’re coming.

Cool video, fun to watch!

love it!
Your at about the same level as me so it feels good to see a vid with stuff I can do!


Thanks!! I live 2 hours outside Vancouver, so next time I’m there, I think I’ll check it out!!:smiley:

Here’s the Youtube version in HD
YouTube - VanUni Spin

Youtube gave me grief. I’ll spare you the details

  1. MP4 worked better than Quicktime, which youtube corrupted.
  2. Append some frames at the end, cuz Youtube chopped the last second.
    Vimeo was more forgiving, but the end result is pretty stunning on Youtube.

My favorite bit is at 0:57 with AnSo doing a unispin with the camera white balance blunder.

+1 :slight_smile:

I’m probably prejudiced, but your Muni vids are better:o:D

Ya, you guys are definately biased toward muni videos. I could put our really bad muni vids, and you’d still like them better than my best trials videos!

I really like how this one came out. Its fun.
… and that came thru despite being filmed/edited in HD.