vanuni - Seconds

Muni at Mt Fromme’s Natural High

James attempts a teeter totter that pivots.
I had some fun in editing, disguising voices, captioning, and catching more candid moments.

That teeter-totter looks very hard, and the slippery conditions must have made it even harder. Another entertaining video. Liked the subtitles for the voices, a nice touch :slight_smile: Great video.

I love this video. Keep up the good work. :wink:

Very good video. I really enjoyed the darth phth. :):wink:

I can’t even walk that teeter totter! I’m sure I could ride it with practice, except the run out is brutal steep rocks, then sharp turn onto a bridge.
Its really cool engineering though.

I like subtitles, but they’re sure time consuming to put in. It was fun trying to figure out coucou :slight_smile:

Ah good you caught that. Plus the intro and that had the voice changed :slight_smile:

Uni antics in the woods… Nice :slight_smile:

I didn’t know Brad Pitt rode with an old school Profile hub… :slight_smile:

Things were pretty slippery that day, you can see the slime has come off the bottom of the teeter from where the tire slips out.

I liked that part too. Although the dark side doesn’t help with balance as much as I’d hoped.

I think that was James Pitt… separated at birth. Brad is in Venice at the moment.

I’m only surprised if a ride isn’t slippery. Its like woah… traction… thats interesting.
I drove up from Seattle, which was sunny, and you get to Vancouver at its raining. It cleared up just as was started to ride, so it was nice and you dont see the rain, in the video, but ya… somewhat treturous as usual.

You were using the tree wrong. You’re supposed to lean into it.

I wanted to explain 4:18
James rides up to the barrier then backs away. If you don’t know James, you might think this was fear or a goof up. And usually I edit it out. But sometimes I like to show more context, for riders.
He is lining up his cranks for the hop. He then rides backwards, careful to keep straight. Which I like to call, the most useful reason to learn to ride backwards.
I take a lazier approach of getting off the uni, put the wheel down cranks aligned, roll it back a few revolutions. Or in a case like this, taking it at an angle you can use judgement, and veer in at the right time.
Kris does that, rides zig zag or in a curve, plus ‘micro hops’, so his cranks are aligned when he gets there. But he’s just good enough to make anything work, so its pointless to listen to him :slight_smile: Like just learn to jump wrong foot 6 feet is all.

Kris made local (Seattle) news this week

Neat video, thanks Frank… I loved the way Kris does a 1/2 rev on the top of the bench to fix his cranks before turning to hope off.

I noticed him do that a couple times at Open House while on logs too.