VanUni: Red Cherry

Red Cherry is the name of a Cypress Mountain trail we haven’t ridden before

Boulder, roots and cliffs.


nice place :smiley:
great vid!

That was awesome.

What’s with the music?

Nice video. I really like watching MUni, it’s quite inspiring !!!

Weird Al certainly lives up to his name, rather weird track :slight_smile:

Nice Vid! I see you’ve got some other cool vids out there too, nice job, keep it up!

I think it was “Wild Cherry” … but I could be wrong… it should be Black cherry based on the colour of my bicep after hitting that tree :slight_smile:

nice, you guys do a good job filming. That stronger vid on there was also pretty cool

i wanna get into MUNI

A bit shorter than your vids usually are, but still not lacking in awsome riding :smiley:

What’s the most number of times someone attempted a line on that ride and who was it? Were they eventually successfull?

Frank puts out Muni vids almost like clockwork, WAY more of them and more often than anyone else. Also the only vids I’ve seen (and I make it a point to see them all) that have better riding IMO are a couple of KH.

Taco Grande by Weird Al, from “Off The Deep End”
It is a parody of “Rico Suave” by Gerardo.

I like the lyrics that come just as Ryan did a huge drop:
“Well, there’s not a taco big enough for a man like me
That’s why I order two or three”

Thats kinda Ryan. Theres not drop big enough that he won’t try.



Even the “Rediculator”?

I’ll let him jump off my house if he signs a health and safety waiver.